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YouTube For iOS Goes Universal, Offers AirPlay Support & Other Improvements

Google’s YouTube app for iOS has generally received positive feedback from most users since it’s release, and has emerged as a major improvement over the pre-iOS 6 native YouTube app by Apple. Until today though, iPad and iPhone 5 users could only run the YouTube app in letterbox view, as it wasn’t optimized for the high screen resolution and aspect ratio of these devices. Things have finally taken a turn for the better and after a wait of exactly three months, Google has made the YouTube app universal. Even if you are on iPhone, there are some new things on offer. The app now supports AirPlay, lets users edit playlists from their device, and introduces improved voice input options.

YouTube iPad

The interface of the iPad version of YouTube isn’t too different from its smaller counterpart. The app works in both landscape and portrait modes. The options bar becomes automatically visible when you switch to landscape mode, but you can also bring it up while holding the device vertically by hitting the button in the top-left corner. If you are signed in to your YouTube account, head to the playlists section and you will be able to edit any playlist you want – just enter edit mode and there will be the option to add or remove videos from the list. Another minor but useful change is that you can go to a channel’s Guide page by tapping its logo.

YouTube iPad Clickable LinksWhen it comes to video playback, YouTube for iOS now supports AirPlay. You will see the streaming option in video controls. Each video can be played in full screen mode using the button in the bottom-right corner of the player. A major annoyance in previous versions of the app was its inability to let users open links from video descriptions. The current YouTube update has made these description links clickable, making the life of many iOS users easier.

Accessibility options are another area where the app has improved. The small microphone icon next to the search box launches ‘VoiceOver’, allowing users to speak the search term. You can search for videos from anywhere within the app (using both text and voice), as the search box never goes away.

Google could have made the interface a bit more shinier but even in its current state, the YouTube app for iPad is not too bad. There are better-looking alternatives available in the App Store (like Jasmine) but having an official client of a service is always a boost for its users. Google’s YouTube is a free app and can be downloaded from the link given below.

Download YouTube For iOS

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