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Zapya Brings Intuitive Gesture-Based WiFi File Sharing To Android & iOS

Wireless file transfer solutions for smartphones and tablets are available in abundance, but few make the entire sharing experience as fun-filled as Zapya – a cross-platform file sharing tool for Android and iOS with a touch of innovation. Using Zapya, you can easily and swiftly transfer data with multiple nearby devices over a Wi-Fi network as well as a Wi-Fi Hotspot established on one of the devices. The app has a built-in media, app and file browser to allow sharing of any type of data with an individual contact or a group of recipients. Another impressive aspect of Zapya is its various gesture-controlled sharing modes that can be used to share multiple files with select contact, or a particular file with several contacts.


Once a sharing session is initiated, you can keep transferring content to required recipient’s devices without worrying about being prompted about pairing over and over again. The iOS variant of Zapya has been around for a while, whereas the Android app has just found its way to Google Play Store.

Besides being a user-friendly file sharing app, Zapya happens to be a handy file and app manager that allows launching, deleting, uninstalling, renaming, backing up and checking properties of your desired content. For all your data transfers, the app maintains a detailed log regarding the type of data, the time of sharing, the recipient(s), and the breakdown of data shared over Wi-Fi network and Hotspot. From the security viewpoint, Zapya allows you to set a custom connection password and specify a whitelist of trusted Zapya users.


The app’s support for file sharing over a wireless hotspot can come in handy particularly in situations where you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi network. In such cases, you can always establish your own AP using the the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot option available in your device. Do note that to enable this feature, you will usually be required to have an active data connection. That said, since all content is shared over the private wireless network created by the hotspot, you don’t have to worry about cellular data consumption.

Upon launch, the app prompts you to set a custom avatar in order to be easily identified by your friends. After that, you’re welcomed by the app’s main interface comprising various tabs for your Apps, Gallery, Media, Files and History. Provided you’re connected to your preferred Wi-Fi network, the app then notifies you about other Zapya users nearby with whom you can remotely connect. Your recipients will receive a notification on their devices prompting them to pair with you. Once paired, you can start sharing content in the following different ways supported by Zapya:


  • Flick It (aka Gesture Secret): Press and hold the required file and then flick the phone to share select content with your friends.
  • Sole Finger Skill (aka Kungfu Secret): Long press a file until it expands. To share the file, just drag it over your friend’s avatar at the top.
  • Finger Storm (aka Devil Possession): To share multiple files with a particular recipient, hold an avatar with one finger and tap the required files one by one to share them with the selected contact.

To the app’s credit, it allows super-swift data transfers with multiple contacts without placing any restrictions whatsoever on the file type or size. Any transfer job can be cancelled by the sender as well as the recipient if required. For app transfers, it is worth mentioning here that only APKs of the apps are shared, which then have to be side-loaded separately to the recipient’s device. As a bonus, the app also features several highly addictive multiplayer  games that you can play with your friends over WLAN.


In a nutshell, Zapya comes as a very handy tool that lets users quickly transfer files of any size with multiple recipients across both these popular mobile platforms where other alternative data sharing means simply won’t suffice. To see the app in action, check out the demo video below.

Download Zapya For Android

Download Zapya For iOS


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