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Zittr Camera For iPhone Impresses With Extensive Feature-Set

With iOS 7, users will soon be getting a revamped default camera with some much-needed features. The changes include live filters, burst capturing, and even a new capture mode. If you are using a third-party camera app though, chances are that you already have access to all these features, and more. In the past, we have seen some really great alternatives to the stock iOS Camera app, like VSCO Cam and Blux Camera. There is no shortage of photography apps in the App Store, so a new app has to be truly remarkable or unique to make its mark on the audience. Zitrr Camera might not be completely unique, but it offers a buffet of features that just might make it a perfect app, ensuring that you don’t have to use any other photo editor or camera alternative on your iPhone.

Zitrr Camera iOS Zitrr Camera iOS Settings

Zitrr Camera displays a few instructions to help users get started when they first launch the app. There aren’t too many complicated buttons and menus in the UI, making Zitrr really easy to use. To select a shooting mode, hit the icon located in the top-right corner. The available options include the following.

  • Timer: Starts a countdown and captures the photo at the end of it.
  • Burst: Keeps shooting a string of images in quick succession until you let the capture button go.
  • Big Button: Tap anywhere on the screen to snap a photo.
  • Anti Shake: No photo is captured unless you hold your device absolutely still. Also displays a stability meter to help users keep the phone straight and stationary.
  • Interval: Keeps shooting photos with a user-defined intermediate pause until manually stopped.
  • Scan: Zitrr Camera is among the rare photography apps capable of doubling as a QR code scanner.

You can also use the volume button to capture a scene with the least possible interruption. Apart from all these modes, Zitrr offers a decent array of overlay grids that come in different shapes. From the settings menu, you can toggle the app’s sounds, volume shutter, and geotagging.

The red lever-shaped icon in the bottom bar brings up the real-time filters and photo effects, and you can then choose any of them with a single tap. Once a filter has been applied, its name stays visible on the bottom-right of the screen, and allows you to quickly modify the effect. Tap the name once to randomize the effects, or swipe across it if you want to go to the next or previous filter.

Zitrr Camera iOS Share Zitrr Camera iOS Histogram

The gallery offered by Zitrr Camera is great. You can view an image’s histogram by selecting it and hitting the info icon. For better organization, the app offers tagging, and also shows the photos overlaid on a map. A bit like the iOS 7 Photos app, Zitrr Camera can show you photos based on their time of capture, and the place where they were taken (although in a much less gorgeous manner). When it comes to sharing, you can post your pictures to social media, or export them to the camera roll for further use.

Zitrr Camera has been around on iOS for a few months, but has just gone free. Since the price drop might be temporary, we suggest that you hurry up and give this iPhone-optimized app a go right away before it becomes a paid app again.

Install Zitrr Camera from App Store


    • Here is where the article was ended, ” Since the price drop might be temporary, we suggest that you hurry up and give this iPhone-optimized app a go right away before it becomes a paid app again.”

    • Seriously? You posted Sept 16 and on Sept 17 its no longer free! Seriously?

      Temporary? When was this news to you that it was free? Did the put it up for free for one day couple of hours and then pulled the plug on free?

    • Yes, seriously. Developers at times do make their apps available for free for a very short time frame, which is often just 24 hours. Also, the exact time frame, or how much time is left before the app goes paid again, isn’t always mentioned, and we have no control over it.

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