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10 Awesome Mac OS X Snow Leopard Wallpapers

The latest in line of Mac Operating Systems is version 10.6, codenamed Snow Leopard. It is due to get released within the next few months. Nobody knows the exact date yet since there has been no official announcement on it’s release. We have handpicked 10 wallpapers for those looking forward to this operating system, they will definitely help brighten up your desktop. If you find any wallpapers worth listing, let us know in the comments.

For now, browse the wallpapers and enjoy the fresh background. Fun fact: Snow Leopards are found in Central Asia and are an endangered species. The wallpapers are not limited to Mac users only, if you love Snow Leopards, you can always set these wallpapers as your background irrespective of your operating system. The only thing to note is the resolution of your screen, it must match the wallpaper otherwise it will appear stretched.

Snow Leopard by Captain Chickenpants

snow leopard zoo

Leopard Light by howBoutSpanish

mac os x snow leopard wallpaper - leopard light

Snow Leopard Wallpaper by maddog1138

mac os x Snow Leopard Wallpaper

Snow Leopard OSX “Snow” by Corwins

Snow Leopard OSX Snow

OSX Snow Leopard by killer7ben

OSX Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard Wallpaper by nitinkhatri

Snow Leopard Wallpaper osx

Upcoming Snow Leopard Wallpaper by coalsi

Upcoming Snow Leopard Wallpaper

Snow Leopard by chicho21net

My Snow Leopard Wallpaper Pack

Snow Leopard Wallpaper(COLD) By Shaman

Snow Leopard Wallperp cold

Snow Leopard Wallpaper Pack by Thvg

For Windows 7 wallpapers, please go here. Enjoy!


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