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CloudPull Regularly Backs Up Gmail, Contacts & Other Google Account Data To Your Mac

OS X’s Mail client is quite feature-rich for most of us but if your needs are slightly out of the ordinary, it might not quite cut it for you. The level of customization it offers for some of its features sometimes falls short. One feature of the app that doesn’t offer a high level of customize is email backup. Mail only lets you choose the account to back up emails from, and should you want to narrow it down to a mailbox or a label (in Gmail), you’ll be out of luck. If you need to backup data from your Gmail account on your Mac and have control over the backup process, give CloudPull Free a try. It’s a free app available in the Mac App Store that downloads data from your Google Account including emails, calendars, contacts, RSS feed subscriptions, and your Google Drive. For emails, it lets you select labels and mailboxes to download messages from. The app runs in the background and continuously monitors your Google account for new items, while keeping point-in-time snapshot of your mailbox (for 90 days) that you can restore in the Mail app. Contacts can be imported in Contacts app, calendar tin the Calendar app, RSS feed subscriptions in Safari, and emails in the Mail app. You can also selectively store messages from a label.

When you first run CloudPull Free, you will have to sign in using your Google or Google Apps account. The app then asks what you want to back up from your Google account. If you choose to back up messages, it will ask you to choose the labels and mailboxes to back up from.

CloudPull Free select  CloudPull Free email

Backing up all of your emails or your Google Drive is going to take some time, while calendars, contacts and RSS feeds backup super fast. You can view all the backed up data in the app window. To save a restore point, right-click a mailbox or label and select ‘Restore mailbox_name as mailbox’. The messages are saved in MBOX format that Mail can import. To view a downloaded message, double-click it and it will open in Mail. To selectively save a single message so that it can be imported to Mail, simply right-click it, select ‘Restore to file’.

If you’re curious about where the messages are being saved on your hard drive, right click a message and select the ‘Show in Finder’ option. To change the labels the app backs up, head over to its preferences, click ‘Account Settings’ in the General tab, and make the modifications.

CloudPull Free

CloudPull Free has some limitations that you can remove with a $9.99 upgrade. The upgrade lets you add up to ten Google accounts, choose where the backups are saved, and set the app to run in the background.

Download CloudPull Free From Mac App Store

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