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cdto Opens Current Finder Location In Mac Terminal

A while back we reviewed a tiny application for Mac, called, Click2Shell, which lets you open current Finder window in Mac Terminal. It supports numerous other shells, including, Tenex C Shell, TCL shell, etc while you can use it with widely used Mac terminal emulators, including, iTerm and xTerm. cdto provides the similar functionality but with small yet useful variations. The application claims to handle special characters in file/folder paths, such as, apostrophes and other Unicode characters while supporting both Terminal emulators iTerm and X11. The application can save you the trouble of manually editing the folder/file path in Mac Terminal before you execute commands over it.

Just like Go2Shell, it allows integration into Finder toolbar. The application doesn’t reside in Applications folder, so you have to open the download folder and move its icon to Finder toolbar.


Now navigate to folder in Finder which you want to open directly in Mac Terminal and hit cd to toolbar button. It will immediately open the folder in Terminal.


You can now head over to product page to understand how to use it with xTerm Terminal emulator. It is an open source application and supports all versions of Mac.

Download cdto


  1. sorry but I gotta say it. I am a ‘PC’, you mean to tell me Macs just now got “Open Command Prompt here”?
    I couldnt help but snicker just a little.

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