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clip.share: Send And Receive Clipboard Text From Mac To Any Device

Do you rely on a Wi-Fi network to send text from your Mac to your iPhone? Or perhaps on a Bluetooth connection? What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing, if you’ve got an iPhone which is a cinch to connect to your Mac, or you know you will always have access to secure Wi-Fi for sending clipboard text over. Should either of these options ever fail and you need a simple free solution, you have clip.share, a Mac app with clients for Windows PC, Android phones and the iPhone that uses your Google email and the good ole internet to send and receive clipboard text across devices. The app is simple; you sign in and choose which links you want to send. It gives you desktop notifications when a new link is received on your Mac, and gives you Push notifications on your iPhone.

Click the app icon in the system menu bar and select sign in. You need only use your Gmail or Google Apps ID, grant the app the permission it asks for, and you’re all set. Copy text to the clipboard, click the menu bar icon and select Throw. The app will send text to all devices using this app and will also give you a desktop notification that the text has been thrown. When you receive text, you get a similar notification telling you text has been caught. The text is automatically copied to your clipboard (you don’t have to click the notification or anything) and you can paste it anywhere you like.

clip.share thrownclip.share thrown

On your iOS device, you will be required to sign in and also allow the app to give send you Push Notifications. Once you sign in, the app, by default, shows you text that has been received. When you copy any text, and then open the app, the screen changes. The copied text can be seen, and clicking the plus button in the lower right corner throws it to your other devices.

clip.share iphone receivedclip.share iphone thrown

This app might be one of those genius ideas that make you go, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’, if you ever have to work by two systems side by side and would like an easy way to send links between the two without having to pay for a service.

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