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Cobook: Mac Address Book That Imports Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter Contacts

The Mac Address Book isn’t nearly as popular as some of its other default apps, like iCal and the mail client. This is one of those apps that doesn’t universally wow Mac users, and many have one or two general beefs with it. Cobook is a free Mac App that is a viable alternative to the default app, the app lets you import contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The app can not only work as your default address book, but also integrate with the Mac Address Book if you’d still rather use it and sync contacts via iCloud. The app is easily accessible from the Menu Bar, and allows you to view all the information added for a contact. Since information is coming in from different sources, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, it combines the contacts into one.

The app stores all your data locally, you don’t have to rely on servers or worry about security (other than that of your own system). You can add accounts when you first launch the app or add them later on. Take note; as an app that pulls information from your Facebook account, it will ask for extensive permissions.

Cobook add account

Adding accounts and importing contacts doesn’t have to be synonymous; when you add an account, the app asks if you would like to import all contacts, or only import the information for the contacts that already exist in the Mac Address Book, or to manually add them. If you don’t want all your contacts from an account to be added, select either the manual option or add information for existing contacts only.

To view, add or edit a contact, click the app’s icon in the system menu bar. The search bar lets you look up contacts by name, or you can click the Hash button to view hash tag searches that the app supports.

Cobook contact

Click the pen button to edit a selected contact, or click the gears button to add, delete or update a contact and open the app’s preferences. From the General tab, you can set the app to open at login, make it the default address book and edit the keyboard shortcut. From the Contacts tab, you can select how contacts are listed and whether or not their middle names should be shown. From the Accounts tabs, connect or disconnect your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account.

Cobook preferences accounts

The noteworthy feature of this app is that it can pull contact information from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and integrate it with Mac Address book. You can choose to make this app your default address book, or go with Mac’s default app, either ways, your contacts from social profiles will be available.

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