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Completely Uninstall Application Or Program In Mac OS X

In late February I talked about a way to reinstall trial software after trial period has expired. The trick was to remove all such registry items that a software would leave behind in Windows. One user wanted to know whether there is any Mac OS X tool that can completely eliminate the traces of an installed application.

Meet AppCleaner, it is a free tool for Mac OS that allows a user to remove all traces and scattered files of an unwanted application. There are many similar tools out there(but cost some bucks), this tool however gives all other programs a run for their money. It is a simple and straightforward tool, just drag&drop the application and it will display all files related of this app, click Delete to remove them safely.

appcleaner main

You can also prevent your favorite apps from getting deleted. It keeps a log of all apps and their files that were deleted. When you move an app to the Trash, it will automatically offer you to remove it properly. It works with Mac OS X Version 10.4 and higher. Enjoy!


  1. dude, are you crazy or what? All this uninforming article to sell an app (there are tons of them) to uninstall appz in OSX?

    Do you think that software houses are a bunch of stupid? Better, have you ever seen a mac in your life? Do you know there are soooo manyyy folders (including hidden folders) to deal with?
    And try to think, you asshole…When you install a program in OSX, the TRIAL PERIOD LICENSE is NOT stored in the usual “Preferences”, “application support”, etc….No, my dear friend…An app when you you install it will store a file (of course non beginnining with the name of the app, IE, “Photoshoptrialperiod.plist”) in those locations….A very well hidden file…And you can’t do anything about it, but FORMAT OSX and reinstall…easier than try to find the file!
    Because that file can be in “VAR, ETC, LAUNCHDEMONS, ROOT LIBRARY, SYSTEM LIBRARY, BIN………) Can be a NOT openable file…..

    C’mon, dude, get a life……

  2. what if I already deleted the files associated but it still says the application is installed how can i use this program if I can’t find the leftover files?
    i also downloaded appzapper

  3. i guess it didnt clean everything out :L
    i wasn’t able to use the trial once i downloaded it again

    thanks for trying to help tho 🙂

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