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Convert Vine Videos To GIF Animations On Mac With VineGifR

Twitter’s Vine app is to videos what Twitter itself is to blogging. It weeds out the possibility of having every minute detail in a video, and forces you to focus on what actually matters, by restricting the maximum clip length to a mere 6 seconds, similar to how a single tweet can’t exceed 140 characters. Before these 6 second videos invaded your Twitter timeline, there were GIFs that offers (and still offer) pretty much the same thing on not just Twitter, but the rest of the internet as well, sans the sound of course. VineGifR is a free Mac app that lets you turn a Vine video in to a GIF file, so that you can easily share it on any website, Tumblr being the most popular example. All you need to do is paste the URL of the video into the app and in five minutes, your GIF will be ready. The GIF quality is pretty good, the app is reasonably fast, and there are no watermarks whatsoever.

Turning a Vine Video in to a GIF with VineGifR is simple enough. Copy the link Vine video’s link, make sure you add https:// before it in case it gets copied without it, paste it in to the URL field, and click ‘GIF’it’.


VineGifR will ask you to select a location for saving the GIF, and the name for the output file. After that, it is just a matter of minutes while VineGifR processes the video and turns it in to a GIF.

VineGifR extracting

Using VineGifR is quite simple but the real problem you might face is finding the URL of a Vine video. At the time of writing, there is no way for you to copy the link of a Vine video from the Vine app itself. If you happen to find the video shared on Twitter or on Facebook though, you’re in luck. If not, there is no workaround for it available yet.

VineGifR is still in its infancy; the app was developed in a matter of days to turn Vine videos into one of the Internet’s most favorite image formats. It’s an open-source app, so we can count on it always being free. The dimensions of the resulting GIF files are always 240×240 pixels, even though the actual Vine videos are larger. The size of the GIF file is rather large at the moment, and needs to be optimized. Hopefully, the developer will add an option to let users choose the GIF’s dimensions. There are no preferences to manage for the app, and on occasion, it might randomly tell you that the video had unexpected content but for the most part, VineGifR works flawlessly.

Download VineGifR For Mac

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