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Evernote For Mac Gets New Menu Bar Helper; Adds Drag & Drop Clipper

Evernote for Mac underwent a major design overhaul a short while ago and the difference between the old and new version’s interface isn’t just monumental; it’s amazing! Evernote 5 looks like a real Mac app now – beautiful and well designed. While the app’s UI was overhauled significantly, Evernote didn’t do much about its Menu Bar options until now. The Evernote Mac app has just been bumped to version 5.0.6 now, and this latest update features a Menu Bar popup that actually goes with the look of the rest of the app. The functionality is pretty much the same as before, but the new interface is easier to use and allows you to add files by dragging & dropping them on the popup.

If you’re running the beta version of Evernote 5, you won’t get the update. You will need to install the app from the Mac App Store.

The popup presents you with the same options previously available in Evernote’s Menu Bar. It serves as both a typing space for creating a new note, as well as a receptacle for files you want to add to a note. At the top of the popup, there are three clipper action buttons for taking screenshots or recording an audio clip.

Evernote menu

The left-most button lets you capture a full screen screenshot of your desktop, while the middle button allows you to clip any portion of your screen. Lastly, the mic button lets you record audio. As you make these clippings, they are automatically added to the popup. To remove an item you’ve added, just hit the backspace button. Once you’ve added the elements you need, click the ‘Save to Evernote’ button to save it.

Evernote  clipper

If for any reason you aren’t compelled to use the new popup, you can still use the keyboard shortcuts or the old menu to quickly use the clipper. There’s a cog wheel button at the top-left of the popup that allows you to access the old options, in the same old interface.

Evernote  options

If you add a few files and click anywhere outside the popup, it will close. Though it remembers the files you’ve  added to it even after it’s been closed, so there’s no need to worry about losing anything due to accidentally closing the popup. To drag & drop files to the popup, you will have to open it first. It would have been best if files could be dragged & dropped on the Evernote Menu Bar icon itself to add them to a note, but this works fine too and is more convenient than the old interface.

Download Evernote From Mac App Store


    • You set a default notebook… To chose the default notbook click the cog wheel and go preferences and chose the notebook

      Evernote helper always saves to the default notebook..

      You can move your notes to notebook you want later in Evernote app

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