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Grooveshark Player: Enjoy Full Web Interface On Your Mac Desktop

Grooveshark may be getting sued right and left, but that doesn’t mean anyone is going to stop using the service. Such is the popularity of this service, that many people keep it open all day long, use the radio feature, and search and listen to songs. While not quite as popular as Facebook or Gmail, for the true music fanatic and Grooveshark fan, a Grooveshark app can be extremely useful, and that is just what Grooveshark Player is. This Mac app literally puts the entire music site on your desktop; you can search for and listen to music, add it to your library, sign in to your account, turn on the radio, upload music and listen to songs from any one of the stations, all the while staying in control using simple keyboard shortcuts.

When you launch the app, you won’t have to spend so much as a second trying to figure out what it does, since it is basically just the site itself, separated from a browser window and easily accessible through the app.

Grooveshark Player

Type in an artist, song or album’s name in the search bar in Search tab, and the results will be displayed (ads and all) as they are if you were to search on the website via your browser. You can queue multiple songs, or select a radio station to start playback. To hide or expand the queued song bar, select and drag it from the holder in the middle. To remove a song from queue, drag it to the right, and a panel will slide out with different functions listed. Drop the song onto any of the options to execute them.

The fade in/out, shuffle and loop functions are where you would find them on the web interface. To access the app’s preferences, click the cog wheel next to the volume control and click Settings. All other options are available in the Pro version, or to members of Anywhere.

Grooveshark Player settings

From the settings, you can choose to open last listened to songs on Grooveshark when you launch the app, to remember the shuffle settings, chose the quality of songs, buffer settings and more. If you’re a music fan, but live someplace where Pandora or Spotify aren’t available, and you don’t like the official Grooveshark desktop client because it hogs your CPU or is slow, then this could be an excellent alternative.

Get Grooveshark Player For Mac

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