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HardwareGrowler: Hardware & Network Change Notifications On Mac [Paid]

If you’ve been a Mac user, even for a while, chances are good that you know what Growl notifications are. Growl is a third party unified notification system for all apps that support it. It’s sole purpose is to give you notifications, but instead of receiving them from each app individually, this notification app routes them all, so that you receive notification through it only. In short, it is the one notification app to rule them all. HardwareGrowler is a Mac app available for $1.99 in the Mac app store, and it does for hardware and network changes what Growl does for apps. The app gives you notifications for any and all changes in hardware, and changes to your network.

When you first launch the app, it will detect all hardware connected to your system, and the right side of your screen will be briefly filled with notifications for each hardware that is connected. The app will run unobtrusively in the menu bar, and will pop up a notification for both hardware and network changes.

HardwareGrowler hardwareHardwareGrowler network

You can set the app to start up at login. Each time the app is launched, it will display all connected devices, but this can be disabled from the app’s preferences. You can also group similar notifications together, and choose to hide the app’s icon from the menu bar, or display it on the Dock as well.

HardwareGrowler preferences

For those who constantly plug and unplug hardware, or need to monitor network activity, this app is one of the easiest ways to do it. The app tracks everything from newly connected devices to changes in IP addresses.

Get HardwareGrowler preferences From Mac App Store

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