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Houdini: Hide Apps That Have Been Idle For Too Long [Mac]

How cluttered does your desktop have to be before you decide it is time to tidy up a bit? Desktop clutter isn’t necessarily (and always) a result of too many icons; it can look like an unorganized litter of wet hungry kittens if you have too many open windows. At the best of it, you stop working in app and leave it open as you move on to another app. Houdini is a free Mac app that helps you hide this type of clutter. It lets you choose a time frame between fifteen second to five minutes, and if the app hasn’t bee used for the specified interval, Houdini will hide it. Remember that Mac already suspends apps, and there is a difference between closing and quitting an app so you won’t be looking at apps eating up extra resources.

When you launch Houdini, it will add magic wand (not the Harry Potter kind; rather, the Prestige one) to the Mac menu bar. Click this icon and you will see all apps that are currently running (active or suspended). Mouse over an app, and you will see a slider with time represented at the end. Move the slider to select an idle time for that particular app. Once the app crosses this time limit and hasn’t been used, it will be hidden by Houdini.


In itself, Houdini runs quietly in the background. Please note that since magic isn’t real and Houdini was an illusionist, this app isn’t doing anything ‘magical’, that is, it isn’t forcing apps to quit, but just minimizing them. You won’t lose any work thanks to Houdini’s operation, or so was the case in our testing. Consequently, your resource usage will not change, either.

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