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How To Cut & Paste Files/Folders In Mac OS X Lion Finder via Keyboard [Tip]

If you’ve used Windows or have had the opportunity to hear a Windows user describe in detail how Microsoft’s OS is better than Apple’s Mac, you probably know that Windows users take pride in the right-click context menu options provided by the OS, and the fact that they have easy Cut, Copy and Paste for files as well as text. The fact is that all these options are available in Mac as well, one just needs to do a little digging around. When it comes to moving a file or folder from one location to the other in Mac, you have to select and drag it to the new location. This proves that the Cut functionality exists, just not via Command+X. Here’s a little tip to reproduce the same effect with keyboard shortcuts. It is super simple and you need only learn a slightly different hotkey.


Open a Finder window or just select a file or folder from the Desktop and copy it using the conventional Command+C keyboard shortcut. Open a different location, and when pasting the file use the Option+Command+V shortcut and your file or folder will, in effect, be moved to this location instead of being copied to it.

If you pull down the File menu in Finder, you will see that the Command+X option does indeed exist but it is for text only. If you were to select a file path or file name, it would work perfectly, but to apply this function to a folder or file, you need to change how you paste it.

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