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Imgup: Upload Any Image Or Screenshot To Imgur From Menu Bar [Mac]

Imugr is a popular image sharing service and is widely preferred by Redditors. Whether you’re a Redditor or not, the service is excellent nonetheless. The best part is, for images you don’t care to protect by privacy settings, you can upload and share them without even needing an account on the site. Imgup is a free Mac app that sits in the menu bar and lets you upload any image directly to Imgur. Additionally, it integrates with the default Mac screenshot shortcuts, and by pressing the Option key in addition to the hotkeys, the app uploads the screenshot directly to Imgur and you can view thumbnails of them from the menu bar. Clicking on the thumbnail opens the direct link of the image in your browser.

When you launch the app, it adds a an icon to the menu bar. To upload an existing image from your hard drive to Imgur, drag & drop it onto the app’s icon in the menu bar. The icon will change to three animated dots that appear to be swimming.

Imgup add image  Imgup uploading

To upload screenshots, hold down the option key when you press Command+Shift+3 or Command+Shift+4, and the app will automatically start uploading the image. To view all uploaded images, click the app’s icon in the menu bar and select Recent Uploads. You will see a submenu made up entirely of thumbnails. Click any of the thumbnails, and the image will open in your browser. When you click All Uploads, a smaller window opens, showing every image you’ve uploaded using the app. Clicking an image in this window will also open it in your browser.


The app does not allow you to sign in to your Imgur account and upload images directly to it. It also doesn’t copy the URL of the most recently uploaded file to your clipboard. Both features could have added to its usefulness, and we hope to see them in future updates It is, nevertheless, a quick way for sharing ordinary files on Imgur.

Download Imgup For Mac (mirror)

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