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How to install fonts on macOS

Fonts are not difficult to find. You can buy them but there is no shortage of excellent, versatile free fonts either. You can find one for just about everything and believe it or not, finding the right font is really the hard part. Using it is really easy. To use an external font, you have to install it on your OS. Here’s how you can install fonts on macOS.

Install fonts on macOS

Installing fonts on macOS is easy but you should know that fonts are available in a few different formats and not all of them work on macOS.

On a Mac, the font format that will work is OpenType fonts i.e. .OTP font files, and TrueType fonts i.e., .TTF font files will install without any problems. Search for free fonts online and download the font you like. It may download as a zipped file or as  an OTP or TTF file. If it downloads as a zipped file, extract it.

The extracted folder may contain the font in more than one format and that’s actually a good thing. You can get down to installing it now. On macOS, right-click the font file and select Open with>Font Book.

The font will open in a little window where you can preview every single character in the font. If you like the way it looks, click the Install Font button at the bottom right of the preview window and it will be installed.

Once installed, you can use it in any app that allows you to change the font that is used. The font can be disabled or removed at any time. Open Font Book from Spotlight and select the font that you want to remove. Right-click it and select ‘Remove ‘font name” from the context menu.

If you don’t want to remove the font, you can also disable it. Select the font in Font Book and click the little check mark button at the top to disable it.

A font is not created with a particular OS or type of hardware in mind. A font may not look good on a Mac which is otherwise an excellent computer for design work. If all the fonts you try look poor though, it might be a problem with macOS and there are a few things you can try to fix the way the fonts look.

Installing a font will not automatically embed it in files that it is used in.

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