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MenuBar ReArranger: Define An Order For Menu Bar Icons On Mac [Paid]

Do you favor apps that will add icons to the menu bar as opposed to the Dock? If yes, then no doubt you save plenty of precious space on the Dock and trade it out for a little clutter on the menu bar. For many users this isn’t a bad trade off, but what can be a little annoying, to downright counter productive, is the order these app icons appear in. Every time you start your system, all apps that you’ve set to start at login rearrange themselves on the menu bar. It is makes it utterly pointless to remember which icon was where, and means you will need to take a good squint-eyed look at the menu bar each time you want to launch an app. MenuBar ReArranger is a very useful Mac app available for $4.99 in the Mac App Store that can solve this problem forever. The app does what you would expect to be native behavior in Mac (but isn’t), and lets you re-order the icons on the menu bar to suit your needs.

When you launch the app, no interface will pop up. A thin vertical line (much like the divider you might see on a toolbar in a browser) is added to the menu bar. Right-click this divider and select Manage Items to open the app window. The list on the left shows all apps installed on your system and the list on the right shows all apps that currently appear in the menu bar.

MenuBar ReArranger

To rearrange apps, drag & drop them until the order is correct. The top most app will appear at the extreme right of the menu bar (After system icons like Time, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.,) Once you’ve reordered the apps, click Re-Arrange Items In Menu Bar, Now. The app will exit all apps and restart them so that the icons are ordered the way you like them.

MenuBar ReArranger reorder

If you want to remove an app from the menu bar, select it and click the minus sign. You can also use the up/down buttons to reorder apps. One premise of the app is that you must ensure none of the apps that run in the menu bar are set to start at login. MenuBar ReArranger will have to be set to start at login, it will remember the order and ensure that the apps load accordingly. If, for any reason, an app fails to load in a reasonable amount of time, it will be skipped and the next app, along with its icon, will be loaded.

A few improvements the app could stand to see is the ability to add more dividers to keep things clean and sorted or to group icons in the menu bar and use the menu bar real estate to keep things organized.

Get MenuBar ReArranger From Mac App Store


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