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OneTrash Deletes Selected Files And Folders From Trash [Mac]

Unlike Windows Recycle Bin, Mac Trash doesn’t provide a facility to remove selected files and folders from the trash can. The Trash folder offers only two options which are, to Put Back the selected file, i.e. restore file/folder to source location and to Empty Trash – delete all the contained files and folders in one go. OneTrash is a tiny app for Mac which sits in dock bar, allowing you to bring it up anytime to remove selected items from trash can. If you’ve been using certain commands in Terminal window to delete selected files, OneTrash approach will prove to be a lot better and quick for removing selected content from Trash.

Usage can’t be more easier. Just open OnTrash to view list of files and folders which you’ve trashed. Now select the item which you want to delete from Trash folder and click OK. A dialog will appear, informing that specified file/folder has been deleted.


Once file(s) and folder(s) is deleted, you can open Trash folder and check if the file is still residing there or not. It works on Mac 10.6.

Install OneTrash from App Store

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