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Perform Different Actions Over Clipboard Text Items With ClipMorpher [Mac]

Clipboard managers enable users to make full use of Mac native clipboard capabilities. Similar to Windows, Mac’s clipboard can only hold one item at time, compelling users to search for third-party clipboard managers to hold multiple items in their stack. If you’re using a clipboard manager which is missing basic text morphing functions to change copied text case, attach source path of clipboard item, remove multiple formatting related irregularities, such as, line breaks and multiple spaces with words, you should use ClipMorpher. ClipMorpher can work in conjunction with any clipboard manager without erupting any text copying related issues.

The application sits in system menu bar. It doesn’t replace Mac native clipboard manager but only performs functions, like, changing word case, remove line breaks and multiple spaces, extract URLs from webpages and email address from source paths, over copied text item. Since clipboard managers first move the user-selected item to Mac native clipboard manager in order to paste it in required workspace, ClipMorpher looks for item residing in Mac native clipboard manager rather than in third-party clipboard manager, on which specified function(s) is to be performed.

Usage is simple. Click ClipMorpher icon in menu bar and select the functions you want to perform over copied text. When you copy any text, it will perform selected functions over it in the background. On pasting the text, the action will be applied over it and pasted in any workspace.

By default, ClipMorpher maintains history of 15 clipboard items, however, you can choose to make it handle up to 100 clipboard items from Preferences. You can also register hotkey combination for applying morphs to current clipboard content.

Extract URLs and Email Addresses morphs can be changed from Morphings. The best part is that you can also create new customizable text morhings using regular expressions.

morphlings 2

ClipMorph is a free tool and works on Mac 10.5.x – 10.6.6

Download ClipMorph

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