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Save Your Mac Settings As Snapshots In Airport Location

You must be familiar with cell phone profiles which let it behave as you want – silent in class room, vibration enabled at work, and playing party ring tune when at home. Airport Location lets you store your Snow Leopard laptop or desktop settings as snapshot in the same way. It is very useful tool if you take your laptop to multiple places; at work, at school, or any where. You need not to manually change wallpaper, volume setting, or any system preference. It does it smartly by saving snapshots of computer settings.

A snapshot is simply an image of all system settings. You can say it a custom profile which enable your system to behave different at different locations – clean background, volume off at work, and a family wallpaper on with full volume at home. On first run, it asks to add name of current location, enter the name and hit enter. You can add further settings by accessing it from system tray.

Adding a new snapshot is very easy, click on Create & Name a New Snapshot option from the system tray menu and adjust all of your computer setting according to new snapshot. You can change current snapshot quickly by accessing Current Snapshot menu option. Once you select a snapshot, system will automatically adjust stored settings.

To conclude with, it is a neat little application which lets you change your system settings in a smart and quick way.

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