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Seamless: Resume Music/ Podcast On iPhone From You Left It On Mac [Paid]

The great ting about iTunes is that you can sync your playlists and tracks, so that you have the same music available, no matter what device you’re using. However, what can be rather annoying is that when you leave your Mac and resume listening to your music on your iPhone (for instance), you have to play the song all over again. Not fun! Imagine if you were listening to a podcast and you had to find your place again? Seamless is a Mac app that makes this transition easier, by allowing you to listen to music on your iPhone right where you left it off on your Mac, and vice versa. While the Mac app is free, the iOS app costs $0.99, and totally worth it! Read on to know why.

The Mac app serves as a connection between the two devices and also lets you stop Music on your Mac and resume it on your iPhone. As a prerequisite, you must have synced iTunes on both devices and music must not be played in other music apps, only iTunes. Also, both iOS device and Mac must be on the same Wi-Fi network. To connect your Mac and iOS device, launch the app on it and go to settings. Click Add a Mac and the app will scan the network for Macs running the Seamless app. Tap your Mac when it appears in the list and wait for the app to connect.

Seamless mac Seamless connecting

You will receive a notification on your Mac, asking you if you want to connect with the iOS device. Allow the connection to be established.


The app will add an icon to the menu bar. When playing music in iTunes, click the icon and select Ready to Transition [Song name]. You can stop a song playing on a Mac and resume it on your iOS device from the device itself. On the iOS app, click Transition Music From Mac to stop a song on your Mac and play it on your iPhone. Click Transition Music to Mac to stop the song laying on your iOS device and play it on your Mac.

Seamless transition  Seamless  transition to mac

As you transition music from one device to another, you will notice that it picks up exactly where you left it off. While it might not be as big a deal for music, this is super handy if you’re listening to a podcast or even an audio book.

Get Seamless From Mac App Store

Get Seamless From iTunes App Store

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