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Secure Untrusted/Public Internet Connections On Mac Using Cloak VPN

Want to secure your Mac OS X from external data theft and online profiling services that surreptitiously steal the information you enter while filling forms, and sell the gathered data to spammers? Although there are numerous kind of applications and web extensions available out there to secure the communication between your PC and connected system server, most tools deploy security systems only for web browsers to prevent data theft and other like attacks. What if you use multiple applications that connect to their online servers to perform the required function? How would you add an extra layer of data security to protect your entire system, including web browsers and desktop applications from unauthorized system usage? Cloak is an overly simple, yet powerful application that keeps you safe from prying eyes on all types of untrusted wireless networks. It’s basically a VPN tool that provides highly secured channels for all online communication. Read past the jump for details.

You may know that VPN tools are superior alternatives to proxy servers, which not only spoof source IP address to allow access to country/region restricted websites, but also encrypt the data transmission. Using Cloak, you can bypass ISP-imposed restrictions to access blocked websites, and keep your data send and receive requests secure from any external attacks.

First off, you need to sign up for Cloak VPN service. Just enter your name and email address to create a free account. Once done, download the application and launch it to enter your account details. When it verifies your account details, it will automatically connect to secured network. As stated earlier, it not only secures web browsers’ communication, but also encrypts the data you send via desktop applications. So, whenever an application connects to its online server and starts transferring data, it automatically routes the internet traffic through the secured network.

log in 2

The application lets you set a hotkey to connect and disconnect from its VPN network. In order to change the default hotkey and configure other options, bring up Preferences from menu bar to specify custom global hotkey, enable/disable Growl notifications & sound alerts, as well as the automatically connect on insecure networks option.


The Account tab shows current data usage and number of days left before it renews your free plan. Under Advanced tab, you can set the application to unload conflicting VPN clients and use location services to optimize connections.

cloak advanced

Cloak’s free VPN service comes with 1GB data bandwidth cap, but you can upgrade the application by purchasing paid plans, starting from $8/month. The link provided below will take you to the product page, which provides a comparison between free and paid plans . Cloak is available for both Mac OS X and iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices.

Download Cloak


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