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Set Follow-Up Reminders For Important Emails With RSVP For OS X

Going through every unread email in your inbox everyday is how many people start the day, but going through new mail isn’t enough. Often emails from the previous day need to be followed up on, and it takes time to go through the old ones too to check which ones you were expecting a reply for. Even if you overlook the time you spend going through these emails, you can’t brush off the consequences of overlooking important emails, which is why you need a smarter way to keep track of them. RSVP is a Mac app, worth $1.99 on the Mac App Store, that lets you keep track of emails you haven’t received a reply for yet, so that you may send a follow-up mail to check on your recipient. The app beats out general reminder apps as it works with the Mail app and doesn’t ask you to copy a message to it first. It links to the original email so you don’t have to search for it when a reminder pops up. Reminders can be deactivated or snoozed.

RSVP needs Mail running for it to work. The app itself runs in the Menu Bar; it adds an R icon that you can set and manage reminders from. As for the app, it works best if you have Mail set to check for new messages every minute. By default, RSVP checks for new replies to selected mail every 15 seconds but you can change this interval from its Preferences.

RSVP preferences

To set a reminder, select a message in Mail, and from the Menu Bar icon, select Set New Reminder. A reminder is set for a single message, where the message itself may be to a single or multiple recipients. When tracking a reply, you can track it for all recipients of the message. If the All option is selected, the app will notify you when any one of them reply. Conversely, if you select Using Rules, you can specify which recipients you want to monitor a reply from. This is useful if you’ve sent an email to a single person but CC’d a few others that just need to be kept in the loop.

RSVP reminder

The reminder can be set for a particular date or a time period. Up to this point, the app will only tell you if you haven’t received a reply for the email you selected. If you want to be notified when you get an actual reply, check the Alert me on receiving reply option. Reminders deactivate automatically after a reply is received. Active reminders can be deactivated, reschedule, or snoozed.

RSVP notification

RSVP more than justifies the $1.99 you will spend on it, though there are a few additional features that would make the app even more useful, such as the option to have a reminder send an email to your address, reminding you to send a reply to an email you received.

Download RSVP From Mac App Store

[via Mac App Storm]


  1. These are not tips but a way for a lousy site like addictive tips to push software at peoples expense. Garbage.

  2. These are not tips but a way for a lousy site like addictive tips to push software at peoples expense. Garbage.

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