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TunesArt Controls iTunes From Mac Desktop, Downloads Cover Art And Lyrics

If you listen to music a lot and want an application which offers sifting through iTunes music playlists with all the complementary features, check out TunesArt. It is designed to satisfy music junkies who love keeping all the music organized in iTunes. Being an iTunes on-screen controller, it lets you choose the playlist on the fly without having to manually select it from iTunes. Additionally, you can navigate through playlist tracks, view, edit and save lyrics, rate playlist items, initiate search and do a lot more from the desktop. The on-screen controller size is customizable. You can change the cover art size and can transform the art cover design into many interesting styles and shapes.

First off, you need to launch iTunes to open TunesArt. It sits in menu bar, allowing you to bring up preferences and other controls anytime. However, a right-click on main interface shows all the underlying features along with Preferences.

tunes art

The main interface has simple navigation controls with a play (pause) button.  Apart from bringing up search bar to play specific track, you can rate the song being played and switch between Playlists from respective sub-menus.

playlist 2

Like previously covered MyTunesController, it can fetch lyrics of current music track from online resource – LyricWiki.

lyrics window

From Preferences, you can change various interface related settings including size, level, items to show on main interface. Select Album Cover art style from the provided list, enable fetching of album art from online sources and Last.fm scrobbling.

album covers

Overall, TunesArt is arguably one of the most powerful iTunes controller available. If you’ve piled up your music archive into iTunes, we recommended giving it a shot. It works on Mac 10.5 – 10.6

Download TunesArt

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