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Unclutter Mac Dock By Sending Apps To Tab Launcher

Looking for a way to unclutter your ever growing Mac dock? Since Mac dock bar works perfectly with all the applications and other system functions, using a replacement of dock is not a good idea. Rather than going for alternatives, you could use a third party dock bar to balance the distribution of applications and other pinned windows present in your system’s dock.

Tab Launcher is designed specifically to complement your Mac dock bar. It puts a small yet highly flexible dock at right side of the screen, so users can add their most frequently used applications, folders, system utilities, web links, etc., under customizable tabs.  Tab launcher seems quite akin to Mac dock with one great addition – tabs. The tabbed based interface lets you categorize the applications, music, document, and other favorite folder into groups. You can create as many tabs (groups) you want, tweak with tabs color & font, opacity for active and passive tabs, change their positions, and remove them with all the underlying applications and shortcuts in just one click.

By default, it has 3 tabs, namely, Main, Net, and Tools carrying related apps and Mac utilities. Open Applications folder from system’s dock and drag frequently used apps over any tab to add them.

drag icon 2

Similarly, you can add documents, web links, music playlists, and other items from Finder and desktop.

drag icon

To keep the tabs tidy, right-click Tab Launcher to add new tab in order to categorize apps, documents, and other items into groups. Once new tab is created, you can give it a convenient name right away. Nevertheless, from right-click menu, you can select rename tab option to change its title. Along with Rename, Tab and Title Color and Title Font options are available to change the look of tabs in question.

new tab

The Preferences window allows you to tweak with transparency of Tab Launcher.

preferences 1

Under Themes, you will find theme list to overhaul the main interface. You can try out different combinations before applying one as default.

prefereces 2

Tab Launcher works on Mac 10.6.6 or later.

Get Tab Launcher from App Store

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