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How to Download and Set Up Kodi

If you are into watching movies or streaming online content, you must be familiar with Kodi. This free-to-use entertainment hub is popular for its user-friendly interface. Also, people from all over the world can use it to watch their favorite TV shows and movies.

Those who have heard of this media player but don’t know how to download and set up Kodi should read this blog till the end. Here, we will discuss how Windows users can download and install Kodi on their computer and go through the initial set up procedure.

How to download and set up Kodi browse content screen

Things You Should Know Before Downloading and Installing Kodi

Before you start downloading Kodi, you should be aware of its supported devices. The download page of Kodi’s official website states that it supports Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, tvOS, iOS, and Raspberry Pi. Apart from these, it also supports Xbox One. So, if you own any of these devices, you are good to download and set up Kodi.

As it does not store any movies, games, or TV shows on its server, using Kodi is completely legal. But, you have to download add-ons to stream movies from third-party platforms. To avoid being blocked by your ISPs, it is advisable to use any of the best VPN services.

How to Download and Set Up Kodi on Windows

As you know, Kodi can be downloaded and set up on various devices. Once installed, you can use the Global Search add-on to find content and watch it.

Today, we will focus on the installation method of Kodi on Windows computers. Windows users can download Kodi using two different ways.

They can either choose to download the offline installer from the official website of Kodi. Or, another option available for them is to download the app from the Microsoft store. Read on to know the steps to perform both methods.

Method 1: Download and Set Up Kodi from Official Website

  • Go to the official Kodi website and click on Download.
  • From this page, select Windows.
  • Choose between 32BIT and 64BIT versions of Kodi based on your computer specification.
  • The software will download. When finished, locate the downloaded file in your download location.
  • Double-click on the file to start the installation. Follow the steps as the installation proceeds.
  • After installing Kodi, launch the app. Kodi is all set to be used.
  • As Kodi does not have any media storage or server, you need to install some add-ons to start streaming some movies or games. Else, playing media from your local storage is also feasible.

Method 2: Download and Set Up Kodi from MS Store

  • Visit Microsoft Store and type “Kodi” in the search bar.
  • The first result will be the Kodi app. Click on the Get button after selecting the app name.
  • The Kodi app will get downloaded automatically. Once done, you can start using it by clicking on Launch or double-clicking on the app from the app list without any additional set up.
  • Now, install any Kodi add-on or start streaming from your local storage.


How to download and set up Kodi is a question that comes with an easy answer. You can go through the blog to know the best ways to download and install Kodi on Windows computers.

As we described two different methods, you can go for any of these depending on your choice. Once the app is up and running, download the best Kodi add-ons for high-tech entertainment experience.  

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