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Cypher 9Anime Add-on For Kodi — Installation And Overview

The Cypher 9Anime add-on for Kodi is a great new add-on that could very well be a dream come true for any die-hard fan of the Japanese amination genre. As its name implies, the add-on is from Cypher and it acts as a front end to the very popular 9anime.co anime streaming website. As you about to discover, the add-on boasts a ton of great content from every genre of anime.

Cypher 9Anime Add-on Information

Today, we’ll start off by showing you how to install the Cypher 9Anime add-on. As usual, our step-by-step instructions will ensure that you can successfully install the add-on without any hurdles. And once we have the add-on installed, we’ll take you on a guided tour of its main features.

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The Cypher 9Anime Add-on Installation Step-by-step

Like with most third-party add-ons, Installing the Cypher 9Anime add-on is a multi-step process. After enabling Unknown sources, you start by adding the proper repository installation source to the Kodi file manager. Then, you install the repository from that source and finally, you install the actual add-on from the newly installed repository.

It may seem like it’s a big deal but don’t worry. Just follow our detailed instructions and we’ll have you up-and-running and ready to use the add-on within minutes. And if you’ve done it before, this won’t be any different from what you’re used to. Let’s start!

Enabling Unknown Sources

Before installing any third-party add-on on Kodi, you must first enable Unknown sources. Here’s how it’s done.

From the Kodi Home screen, click the Settings icon. It looks like a little gear near the top left of the screen. Then, from the Settings screen, click System settings.

Click System Settings

On the System settings screen, click Add-ons on the left side then locate the line that says Unknown sources. Click anywhere on that line to enable them.

Click Enable Unknown Sources

A warning message will pop up. We suggest you read it and then click Yes to close the box

Unknown Sources Warning

Adding the Cypher Repository Installation Source

Go back to the Kodi Home screen and click the Settings icon once more. But this time, click File manager.

Click File Manager

From the File manager screen, double-click Add source on the left side.

Click Add Source

Click <None> and, in the next screen, enter the source’s path exactly as follows: https://cypher-media.com/repo/ then click OK.

Cypher Repo Source Path

Back to the Add file source screen, click the text box underneath Enter a name for this media source and replace repo with Cypher. Being the source for the Cypher’s Locker repository, this name is more meaningful.

Add Cypher Media Source

Make sure everything looks OK and… click OK to save the new file source.

Installing The Cypher’s Locker Repository

Back to the Kodi Home screen once more, click Add-ons on the left-side menu. Then, click the Add-on browser icon at the top left of the screen. This one looks like an open box.

Click Add-on Browser

From the add-on browser screen, click install from zip file.

Click Install From Zip File

Next, click the Cypher source that we’ve just added in the previous step and then click the line that says repository.Cypherslocker-1.0.4.zip.

Click repository.Cypherslocker

This will launch the installation of the Cypher’s Locker repository. It should only take a minute or so. A message will flash at the top right of your screen when the installation completes.

Cyphers Locker Repo Confirmation

Installing the Cypher 9Anime Add-on

With all the preliminary steps behind us, we are now ready to proceed with the actual installation of the Cypher 9Anime add-on. Let’s see how it’s done.

You should still be on the add-on browser screen from the previous step. Click Install from repository this time.

Click Install Form Repository

Next, click the Cyphers locker repository.

Click Cyphers locker Repo

Click Video add-ons and then, from the list of available add-ons, click Cypher 9Anime.

Click Cypher 9Anime

The Cypher 9Anime add-on installation screen will open. Click the Install button at the bottom right of the screen.

Cypher 9Anime Installation Page

This will launch the installation of the add-on and all its dependencies. These are other add-ons that the Cypher 9Anime add-on needs to operate. Several messages will flash at the top right of your screen as each dependency is installed.

Once the add-on installation is completed, which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, an ultimate message will appear at the top right of your screen.

Cypher 9Anime Confirmation

An Overview Of The Cypher 9Anime Add-on

Before we begin, I feel like a disclaimer is required. My knowledge of Anime is very limited. I am, therefore, not a good judge of what is good or not good. Consequently, I’ll do my best to keep this overview factual and let you make your own opinion. As we often do, we’ll go over what you can find in each of the main menu’s items. But first, let’s have a look at the add-on’s main menu.

The Cypher 9Anime Main Menu

With its 9 items, the main menu is neither too long nor too short. Almost all selections are easy to understand although some subsection might reveal some surprises.

Cypher 9Anime Main Menu

There isn’t much to say about the menu per se. In the following sections, we’ll reveal what each subsection has to offer and what hidden treasure–if any–you can expect to find.

Latest Shows

Doesn’t the name say it all? What you’ll find in there are all the latest shows. And after you select a show a list of episodes in descending chronological order. You just need to pick the episode you want to watch.

Cypher 9Anime Latest Shows

And when I say all the latest shows, I really mean it. The list has 295 pages. Yes, pages. With each page containing 30 shows, a quick multiplication gives you close to 9,000 shows. But to be totally honest, we never checked much past the tenth page. There might not be that many.

As for what exactly you can find in there, my Japanese is not that good but you’ll see things like Dragon Ball, Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Newest Shows

It’s not exactly clear what the difference between Latest shows and Newest shows is. And the fact that this is is also exactly 295 pages long seems to be an odd coincidence.

Cypher 9Anime Newest Shows

The list of titles certainly looks different but perhaps it the same list presented in a different order. this is hard to tell. We tried to check the 9anime.co website from which this add-on pulls its content but couldn’t find similar lists.

What we suspect is that one might be based on air date while the other is based on the date it was added to the 9Anime selection. This is pure speculation, though. If you’re an anime expert and know the answer, why don’t you share it with us using the comments below?

Recent Subbed Shows

This section has only shows that have English subtitles. At 14 pages, the list is certainly not as long as the two previous one but still, this amounts to over 400 titles, a considerable number of shows.

The list is in reverse chronological order and, when you click any title, you can then select a specific episode form a similarly sorted list. The list has titles such as Overlord II, Tiger Mask or Black Clover.

In this section, like in all others, after you select a specific episode to play, the add-on will search several sources for the content you selected. It will then display the results in a list, showing each source and its resolution. You click the source you want to watch and the playback will start, after a few seconds of buffering time.

Popular Subbed Shows

Somewhat like the previous section, this one also has only shows with English subtitles. From the section’s name, you’d be tempted to expect the same list of shows as the previous section albeit with a different sort order. This is not what it is, though.

In fact, this list has 215 pages of anime shows. They are indeed sorted by popularity but we weren’t able to explain why this list would be so much longer than the previous. It might have to do with the popularity factor. There are possibly some older shows that, while extremely popular, don’t have their place on a list of recent shows.

Recent Dubbed Shows

This section is very similar to the Recent Subbed Shows section with one major difference. The shows you’ll find in here are all dubbed in English. The quality of the dubbing varies and some are excellent while others are somewhat disappointing.

As for the variety and quantity, this section is no different from most others although it is much smaller with only 111 titles.

Among the titles you’ll find on the list are Overlord II, Dragon Ball Super, Black Clover, and quite a few more.

Popular Dubbed Shows

Again, this is a section that is similar to the Popular subbed shows section with the same difference as what we just saw: the shows are dubbed in English.

And like before–and obviously for similar reasons–the list is considerably longer than the previous one, with close to 300 titles. We’re still far from the 9,000 in the initial list, a testament to how not many anime shows are ever dubbed in English.

Of course, the list is in descending order of popularity, making titles like Naruto, Dragon Ball Super and Hunter x Hunter appear near the top of the first page.


If you’re a beginner with anime, perhaps browsing the titles by genre would be your best bet. And this is precisely what this section has to offer. And as for the genres, the list is extensive; there are over 40 entries.

Some of the genres like Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror, and Romance will most likely sound familiar. But the developers of the add-on have decided to throw us sort of a curve ball by adding Japanese anime genres to the list. This is why it is so long.

Cyber 9Anime Genres

To me, all these Japanese anime genres don’t mean much but I suppose it will be different to anyone who knows about anime. And even if you’re no expert, chances are you have at least some idea what genres you like and what genres you don’t.


With an add-on so full of content, the presence of a search engine is a welcome sight. If you’re looking for a specific title, you certainly won’t want to scroll through hundreds of pages of seemingly unsorted show titles.

Using the search could hardly be easier. You simply click Search from the main menu, enter your search term(s) on the form that opens and then click OK.

The add-on will search for a few seconds and present all the titles that include your search term(s). We wanted to test the search engine so we searched for Ranma, an anime series from a few years back. Here’s what we got as a result.

Cypher 9Anime Search results

As you can see, there are multiple results with both original and dubbed soundtracks. I could have never found this show by browsing the different sections. I wouldn’t even have known where to look.


The last selection on the main menu is the settings section. There are not many adjustable setting so let’s take a minute to have a look at what’s available. When you first click Settings, you’re taken to the settings screen first tab: General

Cyper 9Anime General Settings

It only has two options. First, you can set the episode orders to ascending or descending. The Descending default will show the latest episodes near the top of the list.

You can also opt to display episodes as a list or as a directory but, after trying both, we couldn’t see the difference.

The Servers tab has a few more interesting options.

Cypher 9Anime Server Settings

First, you can disable and enable any of the four media sources that the add-on scans for content. Prefered Resolution will allow you to set the resolution you want to use when auto-playing content. You have the choice between 1080p, 720, 480p, and 360p. The selection works with the next option which will automatically play the first returned result, using your prefered resolution.

Wrapping It Up

Although I’m not an anime expert, I had a good time browsing this add-on. I was impressed with the amazing variety and quantity of content it has to offer. I was also quite impressed that there are virtually no dead links in this add-on. Of course, I didn’t–and couldn’t–try every episode of the thousands of available titles but all random tests I ran worked fine and all the returned sources worked.

How about you? Do you knwo much about anime? And have you tried the Cypher 9Anime add-on? How was your experience? Please, use the comments below to share your thoughts with us.

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