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Chaikin Power Tools Brings Trending Stocks Information To Android

If you’re into the stock trading business, you might be well aware of the fact that the extent of your success or failure depends largely upon how well-informed are you about the latest happenings in the stock market, and how well you make your decisions. Developed by the stock market guru Marc Chaikin, Chaikin Power Tools is one of the instant and convenient methods to find all the updated information pertaining to the stock market trends and analyses.Initially available as an iOS app and desktop widget, the official Chaikin Power Tools client is now available in the Android Market as well.

Through simple, customizable, stock-oriented dashboard, color-coded gauge rating meter and bars, and immensely informative performance charts, the app keeps you apprised of the core figures and details for your selected stocks. Using the app, you may add as many as 20 different stocks that you wish to monitor. For each added stock, the app presents you with relevant fundamental market information, intra-day and 6 month chart, current value, brief description, real-time trading information, expert opinions, earning performance, financial metrices, volume activity, and most important of all, the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating meter that lets you know if it’s the ideal time to make your purchase-sale decisions or not. To put it simply, green color on the gauge indicates bulls whereas red indicates bears.

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The app opens to the stock watchlist interface with up-do-date stock information of some of the most sough-after firms (Google, Apple, Microsoft et al) presented on the dashboard. From the same screen, you can also search for, add and remove stocks as per requirement. Real time search suggestion feature helps you easily find the desired stocks.

The color-coded arc icon besides each stock represents its current status in the market. For each stock, you can also see the trading trend as well as other relevant information. Tapping the Order Research button at the bottom sends the latest research report in PDF format to a user-specified mail address. That’s not all, the scrolling ticker at the bottom-right of this screen keeps you apprised of the updated indices from the leading stock markets.

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Tapping on a stock from the list reveals its trading information via the graphically rich Gauge, as well as a highly interactive Chart, complete with all the in-depth analysis of the stock. As mentioned earlier, the chart can be filtered according to an intra-day and 6-month basis. The widget at the bottom offers navigation keys to switch to various information regarding the stock Fundamentals, Performance, Earnings, and Ratios etc.

All in all, Chaikin Power Tools is all about checking only the required stock information from the stock market without getting too much involved into the complexities of the business.

Download Chaikin Power Tools For Android

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