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Apps Explorer: Browse iOS Apps On Your Android Device

We know that most smartphone apps released these days are most probably available across multiple platforms. If you’re an Android user, there’s the Android Market or alternatives such as GetJar and AppBrain to browse for apps, but what if you, for some reason, wanted to find out whether your favorite Android apps also exist on the iTunes App Store without having to use your desktop computer’s browser? Enter iTunes App Store Explorer Apps Explorer – a free and simple to use Android app that lets you explore Apple’s app repository for iOS-powered devices from your Android device. Apart from searching the iTunes App Store for required apps, you can also explore it by various categories including price, country, language, ranking and genre. The app is particularly handy for developers, beta testers and app reviewers who do not own an iDevice, but regularly find the need to have information pertaining to certain iOS apps on hand.

iTunes-App-Store-Explorer-Android-Home iTunes-App-Store-Explorer-Android-Filters

The app not only lets you browse apps through the aforementioned filters, but also displays comprehensive information for each, including app description, detailed app info (size, version, rating), price, developer website, screenshots and user reviews.

iTunes-App-Store-Explorer-Android-Info iTunes-App-Store-Explorer-Android-Sample

When launched, the app opens to a screen displaying all the latest paid apps on the store sorted by price. Tapping the search bar at the top-right lets you manually search for required apps, whereas using the two buttons at the top let you filter apps by availability or genre. Once you’ve selected the required filter, make sure to hit the refresh icon alongside the genre button to update the apps list accordingly.

iTunes-App-Store-Explorer-Android-Search iTunes-App-Store-Explorer-Android-Settings

From within Menu > Settings, you can change Country, Language, default ranking Type and specify a preferred Genre. Being a regular app reviewer, and constantly needing to poke my iOS counterpart to inform me about the existence (or the lack of it) of a specific app on the iTunes App Store, I personally found Apps Explorer as no less than a life saver. To testify the above statement, imagine the following situation that I found myself in while looking for just a single app across the ‘other’ smartphone app store. Either I used to Google the required app’s name, only to be presented with a link that prompted me to install iTunes on my computer in order to show included data, or as I said before, I had to frequently be in my colleague’s ear to learn about the presence (or absence) of the iOS counterpart of the app in question in the iTunes App Store. Thankfully, Apps Explorer has helped me get rid of all the hassle once and for all.

Download Apps Explorer for Android

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