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Permanently Unlock Windows Phone 7 For HTC Devices [How To]

To be able to enjoy full access on your Windows Phone 7 device you need have it developer unlocked. The problem is that the developer unlock is provided by Microsoft and that ensures that you can make whatever changes you want to your device and discover the full potential of your phone. But unfortunately it is an uncommon privilege to have an unlocked phone. If you are not among the elite few who own a developer unlocked WP7 phone, you can apply jailbreak to your device to unlock it. This is usually done through Chevron. But there are problems with such an unlock as it is of a semi-permanent nature and the device normally relocks after a while for a number of reasons (normally an OS update). However if you are an HTC user, there is a workaround for this problem!

The method for permanently unlocking an HTC device running WP7 has been proposed by senior XDA member thesecondsfade and is based on the use of TouchXplorer and this is the reason it is restricted just to HTC.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


  1. HTC WP7 UnlockFrom your computer go to the given link and download TouchXplorer.
  2. Run the XAP file present in the recently downloaded folder and get it installed.
  3. After you have TouchXplorer on your phone, you need to download and install HTC connection setup present on this page.
  4. Now you have all the necessary files and setups to proceed with this procedure.
  5. Click on this link and download the file it opens to your PC.
  6. Install the XAP file to your phone.
  7. In your phone go to the applications list and run XBMOD.Files.Deployer.
  8. Now run TouchXplorer on your phone and in it enter the following
    \My Documents\My Ringtones\CustClear.provxml to \Windows\
  9. Go to the menu again and run HTC connection setup. Put the tick mark on it and press OK.

This will give you a jailbreak which will not revert back for as long as you want. However some users are unhappy with the hack and have accused it of being ineffective. On the bright side though, devices unlocked using this procedure will not run into any secondary issues and you will not lose your carrier unlock as well (a situation that can arise in some unlocking solutions).

[Source: XDA Forum Thread]

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