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ShazamTones: Find & Download Ringtones Of Any Song via Shazam [Cydia]

There aren’t many services and apps that influence our real lives instantly, but Shazam is one exception that is sure to change that. The idea of discovering any music playing around you with an app is so fascinating that you will be hard pressed to find an iPhone user who has not heard of Shazam. Another testament to the app’s popularity is the fact that there are a handful of tweaks which focus solely on Shazam, and ShazamTones is the latest to join their ranks. This Cydia tweak merges the functionality of UnlimTones (a Cydia app offering a multitude of ringtones) and Shazam. ShazamTones adds a new ringtone button to all versions of Shazam, using which you can get the ringtone for any song you might have discovered using the app. So, in essence, you can now just use Shazam to recognize a song playing in your surroundings, and then convert it to a ringtone straight away.

ShazamTones Unlim Tones

The tweak will automatically install UnlimTones to your device, but you will have to download Shazam from the App Store yourself. After the installation of ShazamTones, launch Shazam and use it to discover any song. You will notice that a new, purple button has been added to the right of the screen. Tap this button, and UnlimTones will be launched, displaying the ringtones that correspond with the discovered track. The ringtone can be downloaded from UnlimeTones, and you can even hear a preview of it before installing. Once downloaded, you can use the ringtone just like a default one. The other options in the preview menu including share, YouTube and info fields remain unchanged. In reality, all ShazamTones does is to direct its users to the UnlimTones page where the ringtone for the scanned song is available. You will have to manually download the tone from there, but the tweak does serve its purpose as it helps you find the ringtone without having to type a single word.

ShazamTones works with both the free and paid versions of the music discovery app, and the tweak itself is available as a free download from the BigBoss repo. After its installation, ShazamTones won’t make any changes to the Springboard or stock Settings app, and just add the new button as discussed above. Both Shazam and UnlimTones are good enough to guide you to ringtones of remixes, or alternative variants, of any song, and if you like having personalized sounds on your device, this tweak is certainly something you should have.

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