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Stamped For iPhone: A New Social Network Concept For Recommendations

There are a lot of iOS apps that let you share with the world what you think of a particular place or item, like Oink (which we reviewed some days ago), but there is no specific system of check and balance, and you never know if the ratings a place has are authentic. Stamped is an app for iPhone that strives to weed out this problem. With Stamped, each user gets a limited number of stamps, which they can use to show their approval of something. New stamps are only granted when your previous recommendations are liked or re-stamped by other people.

Stamped Stamped Feed

Signing up for a Stamped account is easy. All you need to do is specify an email address, your full name and a new password.

Once that is done, you can customize the color of your stamp. You can choose from a collection of predefined stamps, or create a completely new one that will be your trademark within the app. The whole concept behind Stamped is that at the start, you will have 100 stamps, and you can put them on anything ranging from books to restaurants. You can choose something posted by another user and stamp it, or you can search for something yourself, and then put your stamp over it.

Stamped Map Stamped Comments

But what happens when you have used up all of your 100 stamps? Like Facebook, Stamped allows you to comment on and like each shared item. You will get more stamps once people start hitting likes on your shares, or recommend what you stamped and credit you for it. According to Stamped’s system, each user gets a new stamp for every three likes he or she accumulates, and two new stamps for one credit from their contacts. You can follow any Stamped user and invite your friends to the network via email.

The app has a map of its own that displays placemarkers for places recommended by past users. When you find anything in your feed that you think you should really try out, you can add it to the To-Do section of the app, which serves as a wish list of sorts; a list of things you want to do and places you would like to visit.

Stamped comes with a refreshingly new concept and implements it very well. The app is both fun and productive, more so than most other young social media based apps out there.

Stamped is available for free in the iTunes App Store. You can download it at the link provided below.

Download Stamped

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