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Statistics Calculator: Statistical Graphs, Formulae & More On Android

The recently reviewed Mathway app provids Android users with a very useful means to instantly and conveniently solve a wide array of Mathematical problems on their devices. Although said app also had a dedicated Statistics segment, it was rather feature-constrained to be deemed as a viable tool for users concerned with the subject. Developed by XDA member cgollner, Statistics Calculator is a free, multilingual Android app designed specifically to help you calculate some of the most sought-after statistical values on the go. Using the app, you can easily find the sample size, Arithmetic/Geometric mean, median, mode, variance, coefficient of variation, quartiles, Outliers barrier, and lower/upper whisker of the input values.

The app also displays Bar Chart, Histogram and Box Plot of the provided values, and supports saving and exporting these graphs in PNG/JPEG format in an image resolution of your choice. That’s not all; Statistics Calculator also features a separate segment dedicated to display formulae to all the aforementioned statistical components.

Although not the only Statistics app in the Android Market, Statistics Calculator is easily one of the simplest to use solutions of its kind.

Statistics-Calculator-Android-Home1 Statistics-Calculator-Android-Home

The app’s interface is split into three main tabs, namely Calculate Stats, Graphs and Reference. The Calculate Stats screen is indeed the most important of them all, as it lets you input required values in a text field, and view a detailed list of all the Statistical calculations on the same screen.

Statistics-Calculator-Android-Graphs Statistics-Calculator-Android-Histogram

The Graph tab, as indicated by its name, displays the aforementioned graphs as per user choice. Based on the values and calculations from the Calculate Stats screen, you can use the Graphs screen to switch to the Bar Chart, Histogram and Box Plot of the provided data accordingly. Tapping Menu > Save & Share on this screen lets you select the image format and resolution of the graph(s) that you wish to save and/or share.

Statistics-Calculator-Android-Box-Plot Statistics-Calculator-Android-Export-Graph

Finally, if you need help with recalling the formula of Arithmetic Mean, Median, Quartile et al, you can always hit the Reference tab, and get help instantly.

Statistics-Calculator-Android-Home2 Statistics-Calculator-Android-Reference

Statistics Calculator is available in the Android Market as a free variant as well as an approximately $2 paid flavor. Apart from sporting all aforementioned features, the paid variant of the app also lets you select from multiple input types, including just the values, a combination of multiple values, and/or that of values and frequencies.

Download Statistics Calculator (Free)

Download Statistics Calculator Pro (Paid)

[via XDA-Developers]

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