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Stress Check Uses Camera & LED To Measure Your Stress Level [Android]

Stress Check by Azumio is a cross-platform physical and psychological stress monitoring tool for iOS and Android that uses your device’s camera and LED flashlight to analyze your stress levels in real-time by measuring your pulse rate. Depending upon the user-specified age and gender, and the recorded heart beat, Stress Check tries to determine the exact stress levels, potential factors that could be causing problems (if any) as well as the immediate precautions that could be taken to remedy the issue. Unlike the iOS variant of Stress Check (that costs around $1 on the iTunes App Store), the Android version is absolutely free on the Market.

Although Stress Check can prove to be handy for those facing severe stress problems, it can be used by anyone who needs to instantly determine the causes of significant drop/rise in his/her pulse rate and find if their current condition has anything to do with some sort of stress-related illness.


Stress Check is quite simple to use. In order to get a good measure of your stress level, tap Settings (on the app’s homescreen), specify your gender and date of birth, then tap Done. On the app’s homescreen, tap the Start button and cover the camera lens completely with one of your fingers. While the test is in progress, the app itself tells you to ensure that you aren’t pressing too hard on the camera or your fingers aren’t too cold, otherwise results might be inaccurate. At the bottom of your screen, you can view a real-time graphical analysis of your heartbeat and a little camera preview window to check the position of your finger. On average, the process takes around a couple of minutes to complete and in this time, your pulse rate is recorded at frequent intervals.

Once the test concludes, the app displays your measured stress level in percentage and informs you of any stressors (stress factors) that might be contributing towards the excessively deviating pulse rate readings. You can share test results on the Azumio server, or even over Facebook and Twitter (requires login). The app also maintains history of results that can be viewed by tapping the History button on the app’s homescreen.


Although the unique mechanism of recording pulse rate using a device’s camera and flashlight deserves applause, the accuracy of test results can certainly be put into question. During a trial run on one of my colleagues, Stress Check displayed drastically deviating results in three consecutive attempts. Also, the app might not be of any good to you if your device doesn’t sport an LED flashlight. Without a flashlight, the camera won’t be able to capture anything.

Download Stress Check By Azumio for Android

Update: The iOS variant of the app is now available in the iTunes App Store. You can download the app on your iOS-powered device via the link provided below:

Download Stress Check By Azumio for iOS

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