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Stress Tracker For iPhone: Identify & Log Your Anxiety Patterns

Unless you have lost your mind, it is impossible to lead a completely stress-free life. There are bound to be things which bother you and leave you tense and anxious. A few people are good at dealing with stress, be it related to home, work or their love life, but most have to struggle a lot to avoid giving in to their worries completely. In most cases, you can go a long way in defeating your tensions if you can just figure out the root cause behind them. Once you have them figured out, getting rid of stress is easy. That’s exactly what Stress Tracker for iOS is all about. This useful iPhone app will et you keep a thorough record of your moods and problems, so that you can analyze them at your leisure and work out what the things are that keep you stressed out.

Stress Tracker iPhone Stress Tracker Diary

When you launch Stress tracker for the first time on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you have to sign up for a new app account, which is also accessible via the web. Once the account has been created successfully, you are taken to the homepage of the app, where you have to record your current stress level. Stress Tracker lets you choose your anxiety level on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being extreme stress. All the stress levels you record using the app will be saved automatically to your personal Stress Tracker Diary. The diary is the section of the app where all your past records are kept, and you have to record your anxiety level in there as often as possible. To view your statistics in a graphical form there is Insights section, showcasing the factors which cause you stress, and the times you are most stressed out at.

Stress Tracker Diary Settings Stress Tracker Sources Stress Tracker Diary Moods

Stress Tracker goes beyond recording mere stress levels. The entries in the diary are made in such a way that they are a near perfect reflection of the way you were feeling when you recorded the stress level. For that purpose, you have to record the sources of stress, stress symptoms and lifestyle conditions. All these stats are then incorporated in the app’s Insights reports. You can also add personal notes to each entry to gain a better understanding of your problems. No entry would be deemed complete unless you enter you current mood as well, for which there are many graphical choices available in Stress Tracker, and you can choose multiple moods as well. To get some generic pieces of helpful, stress-relieving tips there is the Advice section, which offers useful pieces of information regarding different causes and types of stress.

Stress Tracker is worth $10.99, but if you hurry the app is available for free, and can prove to be a really useful addition to your iPhone’s app collection.

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