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Can I Watch Netflix Japan In America?

Take a moment to consider what media was like before the age of streaming services like Netflix. To watch your favorite movie or TV show, you had two options: show up when it was being played live, or trek down to your local movie rental store and keep your fingers crossed that nobody else had had the same idea. The birth of Netflix revolutionized the industry, allowing you to enjoy a huge host of shows and films from across the world — all from the comfort of your own living room. Not only did this open up a whole new host of options, but it also introduced many fans to the scope of cinema and productions available right across the globe, with each country’s Netflix option offering different programs and selections.

Netflix Japan has proven a particular hit, with a range of exclusives which are typically off limits to most American viewers. But just how does it work? If you’re wondering, “Can I Watch Netflix Japan in America?” then we have good news for you! Netflix Japan can be within your reach if you live in America — all you need is a trusty VPN and you’re set for life. Even better, these tips will work to allow you access to a whole range of countries and content, not strictly limited to Japan. World of viewing content: here we come!

How Do I Access Netflix Japan From America?

To get started with your new favorite Japanese show, there are just a few simple steps to follow. You will need to make sure you have set up a Netflix account (we’re guessing that if you have found this article, you’ve already figured this one out…). Next, choose a suitable VPN — more on this later — and use this to connect to a server in the country of your choice (for the purposes of this article, Japan). Finally, head to the Netflix site and you will be automatically redirected to the country you have opted for. Log in, kick back, and enjoy the host of options available!

How Do I Choose A VPN?

The internet is awash with a huge number of VPN’s, all claiming to be the best — but how do you determine which is really the best option? There are a few important considerations to take into account, including:


You need to ensure that any VPN you opt for will unblock services in Japan and that it can be used to unlock Netflix; some products have a limited number of countries they will allow you to access or products which can be retrieved. Do your homework before committing to anything or you may be disappointed.

Connection Speed

Streaming and viewing content through a VPN can cause your service to slow down, leading to annoying buffering or lag during your show. To help counteract this, it is a good idea to opt for a VPN with a fast connection speed – the higher the better. This will help to minimize the chances of interruption, allowing you to relax without issue.


Security is another important consideration as there have been multiple reports of less than reputable VPN services creating logs of their customers behavior, viewing preferences and, in some cases, even personal details such as names, IP address, and payment data. In the wrong hands, this information can be incredibly dangerous, so always take the time to ensure that the connection is secure and locked down and that no logs are kept by the provider.

Unlimited bandwidth and data

When selecting a VPN, you will also need to consider the bandwidth and data offered — it’s a good idea to choose an unlimited option where possible in order to prevent you from encountering blocks and restrictions while streaming and enjoying your content.

Customer Support

Perhaps one of the most important considerations is access to fast, reliable customer support. Take a look at the options — is assistance clearly labelled and accessible? Will you have the option to speak to an advisor, or will you have to rely on communicating via email? Knowing you have help on hand is reassuring, leaving you free to simple kick back, relax, and enjoy Netflix Japan.

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