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How Many Subscribers Does Netflix Have?

1997 was the year that Netflix first came onto the scene. It did not, however, look much like the streaming service we have today. Netflix was started as a mail in video service that evolved into the streaming entity we know in 2020. Netflix has become synonymous with a relaxing date night at the end of a long day. And nowadays, this is how many people throughout the United States watch their daily movies and television shows on Netflix with the help of a VPN.

But how many subscribers does Netflix have and what are the benefits of its use?

Netflix subscribers

Netflix is Inexpensive

Paying sometimes hundreds of dollars each month for access to cable and satellite television is what most of us were forced to do before the inception of Netflix. However, for anyone who maintains an internet connection — and face it, that is most people — Netflix can be remarkably inexpensive. For less than $10 per month, you can watch almost anything you want, when you want to that’s available on their platform.

No Annoying Commercials

Commercials used to be just simple advertisements and would take up about 5 minutes of a 30 minute show, but these days, they can take up much more time. Sometimes, commercials seem to almost completely take over a 30 minute program taking up to 10 or even 15 minutes. Advertising costs are always on the rise, so it’s nice to know that Netflix subscribers get no commercials when they watch their favorite tv show or movie.

Original Programming

Netflix is always looking to evolve and become more than just a way to view old movies and binge watch your favorite television show. These days, Netflix has grown into a service that not only provides quality movies and TV shows but actually produces their own Netflix originals. These shows provide a new twist on simply showing older content and has enticed other streaming services to follow suit, so depending on what streaming service you employ, you can watch exclusive shows from the company.

Downloadable Content to Watch Offline

The internet can be unavailable from time to time and even the best internet company has to cut power to perform maintenance from time to time. Yet we still want to have access to our favorite shows, so Netflix came up with a solution. Not only can you stream video and TV through your Wi-Fi connection, you can also download content to have it available at times when you are offline, for example, on a plane. Best of all, your Netflix account can follow you, so no matter where you are you can bring your favorite TV along with you.

Various Membership Plan Options

People love to have a plethora of media-consuming options, and Netflix provides ample membership plans to choose from. Basic, Standard, and Premium Netflix accounts have their own options to choose from, so you can customize your Netflix for your individual needs and upgrade at any time since Netflix does not require a contract like other streaming services and cable companies do.

So Then — How Many Netflix Subscribers in 2020?

Netflix was originally started in the United States and maintains over 60.62 million American subscribers today, but it has since grown into a worldwide phenomenon and now has over 158 million subscribers and 5.5 million still using the free trial offer the company is famous for. In 2020, people are being more careful about when and where they spend their money, so the affordability and versatility of Netflix is a very attractive notion. Many people have already cut cable and satellite service, and as the company continues to grow, we will surely see more options and versatility from Netflix.

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