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How to install Curl on Ubuntu

The Curl application is one of the most widely used tools on all of Linux, and even outside of Linux. It can be used to download files from the internet, upload files, and much more. It is also a backend to many other tools you may run into on the Linux platform.

How to install Curl on Ubuntu – Command-line

There are many ways to get the Curl app working on Ubuntu. The best way, however, is to install it via the terminal application. In this section of the guide, we’ll show you how to get Curl working on Ubuntu using both the Ubuntu package manager and the Snap package manager.

To get started with the installation of Curl on your Ubuntu Linux PC, launch a terminal window. On Ubuntu, you can launch a terminal window by pressing the Ctrl + Alt + T keyboard combination or by searching for “Terminal” in the app menu.

Ubuntu package manager

If you are using Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, Ubuntu Budgie, or any other Ubuntu spin (this includes anything based on Ubuntu like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Peppermint OS, Zorin OS, etc.)

To install Curl on your computer using the Apt package manager, use the apt install command below and specify the “curl” package. 

sudo apt install curl

After entering the command, you will be prompted to enter your password. Write out your password in the terminal and press the Enter key. 

Once you’ve pressed the Enter key, the Apt package manager will collect all Curl package dependencies. From there, press the key to install the software into your computer.

When Ubuntu finishes installing the Curl application through the Apt package manager, you can execute the curl –help command to view the command examples. Alternatively, you can run man curl to read the full manual.

Snap package

While we highly recommend installing Curl through the Ubuntu Apt package manager, it isn’t the only way to get the software working on your Linux PC. There’s also an unofficial version of Curl on the Snap package store that you can install onto your Ubuntu system.

To start the installation of the Unofficial Curl app from the Ubuntu Snap store, you will need to launch a terminal window. To open up a terminal window on Ubuntu, press Ctrl + Alt + T on the keyboard. 

Once the terminal window is open, execute the snap install command below to get the “Curl Unofficial” Snap package working on your computer. 

sudo snap install --edge curl-unofficial

For more information on the Snap release of the Curl app, check out this page here. Keep in mind that this Snap package is an Unofficial package, so you may miss features included with the one that comes with Ubuntu.

How to install Curl on Ubuntu – Synaptic Package Manager

While Curl is a command-line application, not everyone likes installing programs that way. If you require Curl but would prefer to install Curl on your Ubuntu Linux PC by way of a GUI, you can use the Synaptic Package Manager.

Synaptic Package Manager is a useful app. It can do everything that the command-line package manager can do and more. To start using it, search for “Synaptic Package Manager” in the Ubuntu Software Center on your computer.

Once you’ve gotten Synaptic installed, launch it and enter the password for your user account. From there, Synaptic will open up and be ready to use.

With Synaptic open, find the “Search” button in the app’s top-right corner and click on it with the mouse. After clicking on the “Search” button, a search box will appear.

In the search box, type in “curl.” Once you’ve typed in “curl” as a search term, click on the “Search” button with the mouse. After selecting the “Search” button in the pop-up window, Synaptic Package Manager will begin to show you results.

Look through the list of packages for “curl.” When you’ve found the “curl” package, right-click on it with the mouse. Then, select the option “Mark for Installation.”

Upon selecting “Mark for Installation,” locate the “Apply” button at the top-left corner of the screen and click on it. By clicking on “Apply,” Synaptic will show a pop-up window.

In this pop-up window, you will see “Apply the following changes?” You’ll also see a brief summary of what packages will be downloaded, how much disk space will be used, etc. Find the “Apply” button in the pop-up window and click on it with the mouse.

After clicking on the “Apply” button with the mouse, Synaptic will start to install Curl. It will take a couple of seconds. When the process is complete, you’ll see “Changes applied,” confirming that your packages have been installed.

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