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How to Get Around Canada News Censorship Ban (Bill C-18)

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Bill C-18, which the Canadian government describes as an act respecting online communication platforms that make news content available to persons in Canada, is causing a lot of headaches at the moment. Since the time the bill was passed, companies such as Google and Meta declared that if the bill was put into action, they would pull all links to media outlets based in Canada. That day has come, and now, Canadians will lose access to news links and content posted by broadcasters and news organizations in Canada.

But do not worry, as we have a solution for you. You can use a premium VPN to bypass the restriction brought on by the enactment of Bill C-18. Read the rest of the article to find out how a premium VPN can allow you to access news like before.

How Can I Still Have Access to News in Canada?

As the measures put in place by the liberal administration in Canada mean that Facebook and Instagram would remove access to people in Canada to see posts and links by Canadian news outlets, you have to change your virtual location to maintain your access to news. To do so, you simply need to use a reliable and premium VPN service, which will change your IP address and tunnel your internet usage through a server outside Canada, such as a US server.

By doing so, social media companies, such as Facebook and Instagram, will assume that you are a user in the United States. Therefore, the Canadian Online News Act will no longer apply to you. Hence, you will have access to news just like before the enactment of Bill C-18.


As more than 70 percent of Canadians access their news online, it is vital that you use a premium VPN service like PIA to retain your daily access to news. By using PIA VPN, you can have a fast and safe connection to any news media website, Facebook or Instagram, and view news just like before the passing of Bill C-18.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the PIA subscription page and purchase a plan that best suits you.
    PIA Subscription page
  2. Download the PIA VPN app compatible with your device.
    Download PIA
  3. Install the app and log in to your account.
  4. Connect to the closest server to you that is in the US.
    Connect to a server in US
  5. Go to your favorite social media and visit news media pages without censorship.


PIA VPN Overview

PIA VPN logo

PIA VPN, or Private Internet Access VPN, is a diverse and extremely affordable premium service that has an amazingly large and well-spread fleet of servers to aid you in getting your news on social media, with its more than 35000 fast servers located in 84 countries worldwide.

PIA VPN has dedicated apps to most platforms and devices and is compatible with the majority of Smart TVs and Wi-Fi routers, which is a fantastic advantage when you realize you can connect to an unlimited number of devices simultaneously. It has a transparent architecture and an open-source build that allows every user to check its strong security measures and strict no-logs policy for themselves.

Additionally, PIA VPN uses up-to-date security measures to make sure all your online activity remains private and secure, including WireGuard and Open VPN security protocols. It also uses Obfuscation, which adds an extra level of protection when transmitting your online usage. Its advanced ad blocker makes for a better online experience as it rids of annoying ads and intrusive pop-ups, which can make your internet surfing experience nightmarish.

Alongside its excellent 24/7 customer service that will come to the aid of its subscribers, PIA VPN offers its users great features such as Multi-hop, split tunneling, malware prevention, and a kill switch.

It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to remove any ounce of doubt you might have to use this fantastic premium VPN service.

Is It Legal to Access Canadian News on Social Media With a VPN?

Of course. You can legally use a premium VPN service in Canada to change your virtual location to the US or other countries where tech companies don’t have to abide by the laws of the Trudeau administration. When you use a premium VPN provider, you are simply using a service that tunnels your internet usage through a server in another country, which means your internet access will change to that of the destination country. Also, a great premium VPN service takes extra steps to ensure your security, privacy, and anonymity online. Therefore, you will not be vulnerable to the same threats of cyber and phishing attacks that you are prone to without using a premium VPN. Consequently, you can be sure that using a premium VPN service to connect to a server outside Canada to avoid Facebook and Instagram restrictions on Canadian users is both safe and legal.


Although the introduction of Bill C-18 is aimed at helping Canadian media gain their fair share of revenue from social media views, it currently has only resulted in news content removal for Canadians.

If you are living in Canada and want to keep your viewing news post by Canadian news outlets on Facebook and Instagram, you can simply do it by using a premium VPN service. By connecting to a VPN server outside Canada, Facebook or Instagram will recognize you as a non-Canadian user and allow you to access news posts just like before.




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