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How to Watch Summer Love Island 2024 From Anywhere

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The summer season of Love Island, a famous British dating reality show, will air on ITV2 in the UK. However, it is a geo-restricted program and requires a UK IP address to stream. Love Island also airs in the US, but much later than its premiere in the UK and only on paid platforms.

If you don’t want to miss Summer Love Island 2024, you can use a fast and secure VPN to watch it from anywhere for free. Stay tuned to learn how.

All about Love Island 2024: Premiere Date and Location

The adored dating reality show, ITV Studios’ Love Island UK, has captivated global attention and inspired the production of several international versions since its first premiere in 2005.

ITV plans to release two seasons of Love Island in 2024. The Winter season aired from January to March, and the Summer Love Island, the show’s 10th season, will start airing on June 5, 2024. It will be held on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Watch Summer Love Island 2024 on ITV2 / ITVX

If you live in the UK and want to know where to watch Love Island, tune in to ITV2 or its streaming platform, ITVX. They will broadcast Summer Love Island 2024live every night, completely free, starting on June 5.

How to Watch Love Island 2024from Anywhere?

If you don’t live in the UK and want to watch Love Island 2024, you’ll need a fast and secure VPN with premium servers in the UK. Our top suggestion for you is ExpressVPN.

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Here is how to watch Love Island 2024completely free:

  1. Purchase and install ExpressVPN.

Download ExpressVPN

  1. Connect to a server in the UK.

Connect to ExpressVPN UK server

  1. Create an ITVX account for free.

ITVX homepage

Note: You might be asked for a valid UK postal code. Try LL32 8PR, NN3 2BZ, or search the web for a postal code.

  1. After completing the process; enjoy Love Island 2024 live stream!

Watch Love Island UK on ITVX


Why Should You Use a VPN to Watch Summer Love Island?

Summer Love Island is a geo-restricted program accessible only in the UK. And as we mentioned earlier, it also airs in the US, but usually one or two months after its premiere in the UK. Moreover, Love Island UK airs on Hulu, a paid streaming platform.

So, to watch the program without having to relocate to the UK, you have to change your IP address to a UK virtual IP. By changing your IP address, the platform assumes you’re in the UK and removes the geo-restrictions, allowing you to watch Love Island 2024 live and free from anywhere. This process can be done using a VPN, especially ExpressVPN, which has servers in the UK.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN offers server locations worldwide and is an excellent tool for accessing restricted content on major streaming platforms, including Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney Plus. Thanks to ExpressVPN’s unlimited bandwidth and blazing-fast servers, your streaming experience of Love Island 2024 and other popular TV shows and movies will be pleasant and buffer-free.

Where to Watch All Love Island Seasons?

Before watching Love Island 2024, you can catch up on all the show’s previous seasons on ITVX or Australia’s 9Now. ITVX (formerly named ITV Hub) is ITV’s streaming platform allowing viewers to not only stream ITV programs live online but also watch the channel’s previous programs again. Using a UK IP address and postcode, you can access ITVX’s content for free. Don’t forget to check out our guide to see what’s available on ITVX.

9Now is an Australian online platform broadcasting domestic and international live events, movies, news, and TV shows, including Summer Love Island 2024. You can create an account and stream previous seasons of Love Island on 9Now for free. If you are asked for an Australian postcode, try 2000, 3010, or search the web for one. Check out our guide to learn more about 9Now programs.


Why Use ExpressVPN?

Not every VPN has fast and secure servers. You should always avoid free and unknown VPN providers because they can access your personal data or even sell it to advertisers. On top of that, because they usually utilize unsecure VPN protocols, cybercriminals can easily access your data and put you in a vulnerable position. That’s why we recommend ExpressVPN, a premium VPN with top-notch VPN protocols, privacy policies, and fast servers.

ExpressVPN is one of the most prominent VPN service provider offering over 3000, secure servers across 94 countries worldwide. It is available on all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. It can also be added to Chrome, Firefox, and Edge as an extension.

If you are wondering where to watch Love Island, ExpressVPN allows you to stream it from anywhere for free. Here is why ExpressVPN is the best choice:

Quality Customer Service

ExpressVPN technicians are available 24/7 to provide support to customers via live chat. You can also read various comprehensive troubleshooting methods and guides on ExpressVPN’s support website. On top of that, if you are unsatisfied with ExpressVPN after your first month of use, you can request a full refund.

Perfect for Live Streaming

You can stream your favorite content without any restrictions or interruptions from anywhere, thanks to ExpressVPN’s fast and reliable servers, and use it on five different devices simultaneously. On top of that, each of the connected devices can run on distinct server locations thanks to ExpressVPN’s Device Group feature.

Overall, the following features make ExpressVPN an ideal tool for online streaming:

  • Supports different devices and operating systems: You can run ExpressVPN on your Android or Amazon Fire TV, install it as an extension on your browser, or use it on your phone and laptop.
  • Bypasses restricted content: Offering secure and blazing-fast servers across 94 countries, you can access any geo-restricted content via ExpressVPN with ease and unblock access to major streaming platforms such as Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, and Disney Plus.
  • Provides engaging blog articles: If you have trouble deciding what to watch, don’t forget to check out ExpressVPN’s monthly round-up of movies and TV shows. You can also read its comprehensive guides, such as Stream Sports Guide.

Ensures Connection Security

ExpressVPN deletes connection and activity data on every reboot and records no logs using its advanced TrustedServer technology. On top of that, ExpressVPN’s Threat Manager protects your mobile phone from malware.


Love Island FAQs

How long is Love Island on over the Summer?

Each season of Love Island usually airs for eight weeks, one episode a night.

Are Kai and Sanam still together?

Yes. Kai and Sanam, winners of Love Island season 9, are still happily together and in love.

Are Ron and Lana still together?

Yes. Ron and Lana, season 9 runners-up behind Kai and Sanam, are still together. However, they are in a long-distance relationship.

Do Love Islanders get paid?

Yes, they do. It is estimated that Love Island participants earn around 1000 GBP per month. Also, the Love Island winner couple takes home a prize of 50,000 GBP which they can split with one another.

How much of Love Island is scripted?

Love Island is not scripted. The contestants are totally in control of the relationships they form with each other. However, former contestants have stated that producers suggest specific lines of conversation from time to time.

Is Love Island based on a real place?

No, Love Island is not based on any existing locations and is an original concept. Each season of the reality show takes place in a genuine island villa. The Summer season of Love Island 2024 is filmed on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Is there a Love Island for the USA?

Yes. Love Island UK has inspired several international spin-offs, including Love Island USA. Season 4 of Love Island USA aired from July to September 2022. Season 5 will air during the Summer of 2024, followed by a new spin-off called Love Island Games in Fall 2024. You can watch Love Island USA from anywhere using ExpressVPN.



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