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What is the Google Meet time limit for a meeting

Video conferencing tools aren’t the same as video calling tools. Conferencing tools are built to cater to. multiple users in a single meeting and are far more complex than a group video or audio call. As such, while you will find many free video conferencing tools, they will all have some sort of restriction for free users.

Google Meet time limit

Google Meet time limit

Google Meet is free to use however, free users are limited by the length of the meeting they have.

  • A free Google Meet user can have a meeting that is 60 minutes or less i.e, your meeting or call can last for one hour. It will end automatically after one hour and you will have to start a new meeting. 
  • This applies to meetings with 3 or more participants.
  • If you have been making longer calls i.e., calls longer than 60 minutes this past year, it’s because Google temporarily lifted the one hour limit for free users. 
  • The limit will be put back into effect on June 28, 2021 unless Google decides to extend it again.
  • For Google Meet free users one-on-one calls can be as long as 24 hours.

Google Meet: Make longer calls

Google Meet advertises longer calls. You can make calls as long as 24 hours however, this time limit requires a paid account by the meeting host.

There are two different paid accounts that you can purchase;

  • Google Workspace Essentials: $8/per user/ per month
  • Google Workspace Enterprise: Contact Google for pricing

Paid Google Meet plans will also increase the number of participants that you can have in a single call from 100 to 150 (Workplace Essentials) to 250 (Workspace Enterprise).

Paid Google Meet users also get other features including more storage space in their Google Drive (10-100GB per user). For Workplace Enterprise users, a live streaming option is also available which means you can go-live via Google Meet instead of using social media.

Other video conference tools

If you’re wondering how Google Meet stacks up against other free video conferencing tools, or tools that provide a free option alongside its paid users, we have you covered.

Google Meet vs Zoom: Google Meet free users can have 60 minute meetings while Zoom free users can have 40 minute meetings.

Google Meet vs Microsoft Teams: Both Google Meet free and Microsoft Teams free have a time limit of 60 minutes for free users however, Microsoft Teams is considerably more difficult to set up.


The Google Meet time limit may seem insufficient in some cases e.g., if you’re holding a class but it is by far the least restrictive as far as free tools are concerned. Even when compared to paid plans for Zoom, Google Meet comes out on top.

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