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Check If A Movie Is Appropriate For Family Viewing Or Not

Movies that are meant for the entire family are labelled and marketed as such. Most family movies will feature a family in them, have a serious lack of on-screen deaths, little to no blood, definitely no strong language, and no nudity or explicit scenes. They’re limited in their story and scope and come off as recycled story lines but watching anything else with the family is a risk. You never know when a spatter of blood, an unexpected decapitation, or a bit too much skin will upset someone. CringeMDB is a little web app that tells you if a movie that isn’t explicitly aimed towards families is okay to watch with your entire family. The app works for movies released between 1995 and 2015.

Visit CringeMDB and enter the name of the movie you want to watch with your family. Select it from the drop-down to run a check on the movie.


The app gives one of two results; A resounding Yes, or a No. You’d be surprised at which movies are safe for family viewing and which are not. The app includes the movie’s MPAA rating, and a brief account of what to expect in terms of violence, gore, and nudity.

cringeMDb yes cringeMDb no

If you don’t agree with the rating, you can voice your dissent by clicking the ‘Disagree’ button. The app seems to run on or take into account users’ opinions hence the ‘Agree’ and ‘Disagree’ buttons. The unfortunate thing is, you can’t use them until after watching a movie in which case it might be a bit too late for you. That said,  vote in and save others from being embarrassed in front of their entire family.

It’s worth mentioning that at CringeMDB a family movie isn’t one that the kids will love but one that won’t be embarrassing to watch with grandma.

Visit CringeMDB


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  2. I entered “Fantastic Four (2015)” and it said “Yes” you can watch it with your parents. I disagreed. no one should ever watch that movie. period.

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