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How To Access Saved Passwords In Chrome From Anywhere

Chrome comes with a built-in password manager that can save both the username and password of any website you log into if you allow it. The password manager doesn’t offer any advanced security features and most people prefer using services like Lastpass when they decide to save passwords. There’s also the small matter of how, if anyone has access to Chrome on your desktop, they can simply look at the passwords saved to it. If you do use the password manager and trust it with your login credentials then it’s a good idea to enable password syncing when you sign in to your Google Account in Chrome. This allows you to view the passwords saved to Chrome from any device or any other system. Here’s how.

When you sync passwords, they’re not just made available on all other Chrome installations that you’re signed into. Chrome also syncs them to passwords.google.com. When you visit the link, you’re asked to sign into the same Google account that you’ve added to Chrome on your desktop. Once you’ve passed that layer of security you will be able to see all synced passwords and user names complete with which website they’re for. You can remove a set of login credentials from here if you ever need to.


This page not only shows the passwords saved to Chrome for desktop but also on any Android devices that are connected to the same account. If you ever find yourself working on a system that isn’t yours this is the safest way to look up a password without having to sign in to your Google Account.

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