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How To Transform A URL Into An Emoji Link

Emoji domains are now a thing. Instead of a URL, an emoji domain will have several frowny faces that you will enter in the address bar to open a website. At the back end you still have a series of numbers that direct you to the website. The emoji are a mask for it making a domain name easier to remember. Domain owners are the ones who have to register an emoji domain. You, as an end user, can’t impact this in anyway. However, if you like emoji in your URL, you can use Linkmoji to transform a URL into an Emoji link.

Copy the URL you want to transform into an Emoji link to your clipboard. Visit Linkmoji and paste the URL. Click ‘Create Linkmoji’

Linkmoji will transform the URL you pasted into an Emoji link. You can copy it and share it with anyone you want. Your recipient will click the emoji link and Linkmoji will redirect them to the underlying link you set for it. The redirection is a bit slow and not exactly what you’d call seamless.

If you don’t like the characters Linkmoji included in the Emoji link, you can create a custom Emoji link. Click the ‘Customize’ button under the Emoji link that is generated. An emoji link must have at least six characters and it should not have been used before. Click the ones you want to include in your link and delete the ones you don’t want.

Linkmoji supports a basic set of emoji. It doesn’t support the entire set that you see on a smartphone. The people emoji are entirely absent from the offering with one or two exceptions. Most objects and popular smiley faces are present as are fruit and vegetables.

We should warn you that while it’s tempting to use an emoji link, you might put users off with the redirection that is involved. Cautious users might think they are being redirected to a malicious site and they will be weary of it.

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