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Log In to The Same Websites With Multiple Accounts In Chrome

So you’ve got multiple accounts on the same web service, let’s say Google, Twitter or Facebook, and you would like to sign into all of them simultaneously while keeping each session separate from the others? If you use Google Chrome as your primary web browser, you can do that with ease, thanks to the simple and highly useful extension by the name of Identity Mask. It’s a small Chrome extension that lets you sign into multiple accounts in conjunction, for let’s say one that you use at work and the other for your personal use, within the same browser window, and you don’t even have to launch a separate incognito mode just for the purpose. Details to follow.

Generally, when you launch Chrome and sign into a website with your account, the browser keeps the you signed in using a cookie, so you don’t have to login again each time you open a new tab of the service. While this is quite convenient for most situations, it hinders the browser from letting users sign into more than one account on the same domain at the same time. While one can easily launch incognito mode in Chrome, that isn’t always convenient, as you lose access to all your regular extensions that aren’t enabled in Incognito, plus no information from your session gets saved so there will be no history of that session left. It is in such cases that Identity Mask can prove to be immensely useful.

What it does is creating a clean session within the same browser window dubbed New Identity. So instead of opening a new tab, all you have to do is click the Identity Mask icon to open a new tab, and then sign into your desired service.

Identity Mask_New

You will notice that after clicking the New Identity button, Identity Mask will open a new tab. But this tab is actually different from your normal tabs because it actually opens as a different profile that doesn’t share the same cookies information as your other tabs. You can easily identify these tabs by the number prefix before their titles in the tab bar. All tabs with the same number are of the same identity, and share session data, which is kept separate across different numbers.

Identity Mask_Tabs

To sum it up, Identity Mask can prove extremely useful should you need to sign into multiple accounts in Chrome without launching separate windows and setting up different native browser profiles.

Install Identity Mask from Chrome Web Store

Looking for a similar solution on Firefox? Try Multifox, which boasts even more features.

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