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Log In To The Same Websites With Multiple Accounts In Firefox With Multifox

Creating multiple user accounts on a website is usually not an issue, but accessing them simultaneously within the same web browser definitely is. Akin to all mainstream web browsers, Firefox also has a centralized cookie management system, meaning when you are logged in to, let’s say, your Gmail account in one browser instance, you won’t be able to log into another Gmail account even if you open a new window or tab. Therefore, if you want to sign into multiple accounts, the only options you have are to either use a different web browser altogether, or open a Private session of Firefox side by side. But today, we’ve found you a simple solution in the form of the Multifox Firefox add-on that enables logging into the same website with multiple accounts without losing your browser sessions for each. But that’s not just all; it also has a feature to create different user profiles for different accounts.

Multifox lets you manage multiple accounts by opening a clean session of the same website in a new window. If you’re wondering how it it different from Private window, it preserves the cookie and session information, unlike the latter.

The no-restart extension is installed in a matter of seconds, and you can then access it by clicking its URL bar icon. When you use it for the first time, you’re bound to be impressed by just how easy it is to use. Instead of launching a new tab or window, simply click the Multifox icon and then select New. A new window will pop up, where you can simply open the same website and log into another account.


Multifox keeps your login information separate in each browser session by tagging it with different user profiles. When you launch a new Multifox session, a new profiles is created (Profile 2, Profile 3 etc.). Therefore your login information on Profile 2 will stay separate from that stored in Profile 3 for the same website.

Multifox also allows users to delete existing profiles, as well as rename them. To rename a profile, click the Multifox button, head to the Edit menu, and under your desired profile name, click Rename.


A small window will pop up, where you can specify any profile name of your choice. It’ll be a good idea to name them based on the accounts or identities that you want to use with them. Once ready, click OK to save your changes.


All in all, it’s a nifty extension for those looking for a way to manage multiple accounts on same websites in Firefox.

Install Multifox for Firefox

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