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Let’s Loop: Social Music Discovery Powered By Almost All Popular Streaming Services

Online radio and music discovery services try to be social, allowing you to share your favorite music with your friends and at the same time, gauge just what kind of music you like. Most services start out first as online radio stations and add the social factor later on. Let’s Loop does it differently; it is social network for music in itself that lets you connect your Facebook and Twitter account with it. You can find music you like by becoming a fan of your favorite artists and follow users who share your taste in music.The service finds music from a large number of other services including YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, Rdio, Vimeo, last.fm and more. It features top charts by tracks and artists, allows you to interact with other users much like you do with people on Twitter, and also helps you find events happening close to where you live.

You can sign up for Let’s Loop with your Facebook or Twitter account, or by directly registering an account with the service. However, the latter two options didn’t work in our testing, so we had to use Facebook for the purpose. Upon signing in for the first time, Let’s Loop will detect which artists you’ve liked on Facebook and list several others for you to become a ‘fan’ of, before you proceed. Artists are grouped by genres and there is a quite a list to choose from. Next, you can follow users who like the same artists that you do, and then start looping.

Let's Loop fan

The concept of Looping is basically to find the music you like and then share it on your profile. Other Loop members who follow you will be able to see and listen to what you share and likewise, you will be able to listen to what other member you follow are sharing.

To loop your first song, search for it from the search bar at the top. Results can be filtered by Loops, Users, Artists, Albums, and Songs. The songs can be sourced from one of the many different services that power Loop, as mentioned before. Once you’ve found a song you like, click the ‘L’ button under it to loop it. You can enter a brief description of the song, and also post it to Facebook and Twitter.

find song

Loops by people you follow can be relooped and voted up or down. These votes contribute to making the charts on Let’s Loop. To view the songs or artists that are trending on the service, click the ‘Charts’ button at the top. Each song in your feed is accompanied by a number badge to show its ranking on the site. The Charts page is divided into additional tabs that allow you to find trending playlists, events, links, artists, and users.


Let’s Loop has an Artist Finder that lets you discover different artists and become their fan. You can access this feature via Accounts > Artist Finder from the top bar. Let’s Loop allows users to start discussions on songs they’ve looped by commenting on them. You can also mention a particular user, or send them a private message from the ‘Messages’ tab. Messages can be sent to anyone on Loop and there are no privacy settings to control this. You can set your profile to be visible to Let’s Loop members only, but that’s pretty much all the privacy control you get. By default, all profiles are set as public.

artist finder

Lastly, you can manage your notifications from the ‘Account’ page under the notifications tab. You can receive notifications both on the service and in your email, or disable them altogether. Notifications are fully customizable.


The only feature we think is missing in Let’s Loop is an omnipresent music player that continues to play a loop while we navigate freely to any page on the site. Currently, navigating away from the page that’s playing music stops playback, and that is a huge disadvantage compared to services like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Grooveshark that do not suffer from this shortcoming. The interface is nice and clean, though it can be slightly confusing in some instances. Overall, the service has potential.

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  1. Huh, this is interesting, I’ve never heard of this service. I’ve been researching a lot of music streaming services which is how I came across this review. I’m currently using Torch Music and I’m happy with it so I think I’ll stick to it for now but it’s great to know this is out there. Have you ever heard of it?

  2. Hi Fatima,

    Thanks for the great review!

    Regarding your comment on the omnipresent player, this is actually possible as one of our listening options. If you click the red play button (to the right of the Deezer button) it will open a pop-up YouTube player so you can seamlessly listen to songs, albums and playlists without navigation breaking playback. We think this is a pretty cool solution for now, but we are always looking into ways of improving the site and hope to make this even better in the near future.

    Btw, I’m sorry you had a few issues when signing up, we’re going to look into that now and will make sure it’s fixed ASAP. Thanks for helping us find that issue!

    Thanks again and happy looping!

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