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How To Search For Emails By Size In Gmail

Google knows search. It can identify good content from bad content. The spam filters in Gmail are a testament to this. There is nothing quite as robust as Gmail’s spam filters and that’s mainly because it’s a Google product. Gmail has a pretty great search feature too. Even if you communicate with the worst kind of people, chances are Gmail will still be able to find emails from them. The lack of a subject, or the lack of a proper subject will not be a problem. The search feature is smart and it looks at more than just the subject and the sender or date. These are some of the basic search parameters that Gmail supports. It also has a useful size parameter that lets you search for emails by size. Here’s how it works.

It’s highly unlikely that you remember the size of an email. It is however safe to assume that emails with attachments are going to be larger than emails without attachments. To search for emails by size, you only need a rough idea as to how big an email might be.

Find Large Emails

To search for large emails, you need to give Gmail search a minimum size. In the search bar, type the following;


This will filter out all emails that are 5MB or larger. You can use it with other parameters as well such as the sender name. To combine the two, use the following syntax;

sender name Size:size in MB

To find emails that are larger than a given size, use the following parameter;

larger:size in MB

You can also enter the size of the email in bytes. For example, if you enter 500000 after ‘larger:’, Gmail will filter out all emails that are larger than 0.5MB.

Find Small Emails

Gmail supports a ‘larger’ and a ‘smaller’ search parameter. The ‘Smaller’ parameter lets you search for emails that are smaller than a given size. The syntax is;

smaller:size in MB

You can use it with other search parameters.

Find Emails In A Size Range

The ‘Larger’ and ‘Smaller’ search parameters can be used with other parameters but they can also be used together. You can combine the ‘Larger’ and ‘Smaller’ parameters to find an email that is, for example, larger than 2MB but smaller than 4MB.

Use the following syntax

larger: size in MB smaller:size in MB

Gmail has supported size search for over two years. An email’s size is normally attributed to attachments or images added to an email. These search parameters are best used when searching for emails with attachments.


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