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aDollarApps: View Price History Of iOS, Android, Windows Phone, & BlackBerry Apps

If you’ve ever bought an app only for it to go on sale, or temporarily free, in the days that follow then you might have regretted your haste in buying the app. Buying an app when you really need it isn’t something you’re going to be able to avoid but if you’re interested in buying an app that you don’t need to use right away or that you can delay the purchase of, it should be bought at the best price it’s ever been available at. aDollarApps is a web service that tracks app price history for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry apps. You can wait to see if it goes on sale or get an idea of how often the price for an app dips and decide if you want to wait that long for another discount. You can also follow apps and get alerts to when their price drops.

To look up an app’s price history, enter the its name in the search bar. aDollarApps will find and list matching results as you type the name. Click search to view a complete description of the app, which platforms it is available for, a link to the relevant app store and a graph that shows the fluctuation in price over time. The app can show price fluctuations for either iOS or Android at once. Select the platform you want to view price drops for from the button at the top of the graph. To view the app page on the respective app store of a particular platform, click the respective platform button under the app name.

Price History

In addition to letting you search for a particular app and view its price history, aDollarApps also lets you search for apps by category. The categories are rich and include most if not all or more than the ones you would normally find on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

adollarapp browse

The service itself is great although it’s going to be most useful for iOS users because discounts and apps going free is a regular occurrence for iOS app whereas it is far less frequent for Android apps. I’d go so far as to say that a popular paid Android app has a one in a million chance of going paid unless it’s acquired by a big name company or the developer decides to make it open source.

You can sign up for an aDollarApps  account and follow apps. The service will alert you when an app you are following goes free though it works for iOS app only.

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